Suspending 3 communities

We’ve decided to ban the communities !, ! as well as ! because they were moderated by a narcissistic Drama Queen who gets aggressive and d…

Dropping Plume

We are going to drop Plume on
With almost any update there are new problems, which kills the complete instance, without that anything is written down on their Gitea instance or any other places, where one could search. …

Games recommendations?

Sometimes there is no time for a bigger TTRPG session, but one still want to do something at the D&D universe. Are there any special computer games one can play?
Perfectly with Linux support, or Proton…

Dark Alliance

Has someone already tried the game? Is it possible to choose Drow as a playable race?..

Limiting services for the USA and Sweden

Due to increased activity of known and extremist trolls whose only purpose in life is obviously to spread hate, lies and agitation because they are clearly overwhelmed and/or dissatisfied with their own lives, from the USA and Sweden, as well as the…

Mein Problem mit #FediBlock / My problem with #FediBlock

English version below

Ches 18, 1362 DR

We followed him to an old ruin, where he disappeared behind a stone door, just big enough for Arishonna to fit through. The lack of sleep and hunger tugged at our nerves, but we followed him in. In the stale air of the hall, we arrived in, was a distinct smell of decomposing corpses that I couldn’t …

DreamFactory API management

I recently set up my own DreamFactory installation and created an API for ReportURI and Expect-CT self-hosting. It was a bit tricky to get into it, but it’s totally worth. Creating API with a direct connection to files or databases is really, really nice. …