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Blocked instances on fapsi.be

Last update on 09.05.2022

[Updated] Terms of Service

We have updated our TOS § 7 Copyright and Database rights to make clear, that content included in or provided or served through any BKA.li service will remain with the respective owner…

Suspending 3 communities

We’ve decided to ban the communities !privacy@lemmy.ml, !privatelife@lemmy.ml as well as !Technology@lemmy.ml because they were moderated by a narcissistic Drama Queen who gets aggressive and d…

Dropping Plume

We are going to drop Plume on blog.bka.li.
With almost any update there are new problems, which kills the complete instance, without that anything is written down on their Gitea instance or any other places, where one could search. …


Limiting services for the USA and Sweden

Due to increased activity of known and extremist trolls whose only purpose in life is obviously to spread hate, lies and agitation because they are clearly overwhelmed and/or dissatisfied with their own lives, from the USA and Sweden, as well as the…

Mein Problem mit #FediBlock / My problem with #FediBlock

English version below

Simple test post

When you want to test, e.g. federation from Mastodon, … feel free to use this post…

BKA.li Search misfunction

Sorry for the misfunctioning search today. With the last update came an undocumented setting to the settings.yaml for searx, which broke the result page.
I’ve fixed both searx instances, the live one with the dynamic ip, and the fallback instance…

Serverion BV block

Due to multiple attacks via 12 different IP addresses against our mail server, we now block the complete network range of Serverion BV (AS211252).
Affected ranges:…


Additional spamassassin rules used for bka.li

Because BKA.li don’t offer any platform for toxic and abusive internet user, I added additional rules for spamassassin for directly kick such bad users out of all mailboxes I’m running. Especially for contact option I offer for teleyal.blog and support for [BKA.li](https://bk

AdGuard Filter to remove comment boxes on news pages

When I open a news page, I want to read the news and no comments from disgruntled nutcases who clutter the internet with their nonsense!..

Uptime Kuma for BKA.li services

I’ve started an Uptime-Kuma in addition to the default status page to be more transparent for the services provided by BKA.li

Fapsi.be downtime

Sorry for the short outage this morning. Normally I’m able to move services without any downtime to another server, but I forgot an option, I have on this domain, which changed the DNS zone automatically.
The problem has been solved and should not occur again…


BKA.li Services

    BKA.li is currently a one-man show offering privacy-friendly services as well as attempting transparency towards users.

    Fapsi is offered by BKA.li. For support, please open a ticket at support.bka.li or send a mail to support@bka.li.

    Visit our Git-Repository with some useful files.

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