COVID-19 Pandemic
Banner contest for this sub!

Make or find a banner for this sub and win my respect! It’ll also be used as the banner for this sub. …


Does covid cause long covid more often then influenza causes 'long influenza'? How about vs sars from 2003?

I know long influenza isn’t a real term, but influenza might cause something that could be called long influenza?..


American politics in a nutshell

I was at a sandwich shop late Friday to pickup a takeout order. There was a guy at the register and I patiently waited 6 feet back. He was clearly drunk and having trouble figuring out how to put his credit card in the machine. The clerk reached over to help him when he pulled back his card turned t…


Any news or discussion around the pandemic. Anti-vaccination posts and comments will be removed, as well as personal attacks.

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