Etta Baretta on Ko-Fi

She’s one of my favorite artists, and when my salary becomes normal again, I’ll commission her again.
Etta identifies with a great style for SFW and NSFW art. Her art of couples is full of feelings and love. You should take a look at her Patreon as well for N…

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Ampersandia - My worldbuilding, conlanging, etc

Ampersandia is a magical realism world full of metaphors for things, mostly about my personal life, but adapted to hopefully be interpretable on a grater scale. It is also what my website is named after. In it I document-ish all of my worldbuilding and conlanging…

The artist who made the damn cute emotes of my OCs Naldela and Sanise and candidate for the position as main artist for my OC Nimri 🤭…

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