Firefox now (starting with v.96) supports AV1 VA-API playback

tl;dr AV1 is a new video encoding format which now has hardware acceleration through VA-API on Linux…

Firefox appears to be down

I am not able to load any websites with Firefox on my PC despite having an internet connection. I went on Reddit and found other people complaining of the exact same issue, so it appears to be a problem with firefox:

tl;dr Mozilla is starting a new study through their Rally platform about trying to better understand Facebook’s pixel tracking. …

Mozilla is pausing cryptocurrency donations and reviewing it in relation to its climate policy

A few days ago I posted about how Mozilla accepting cryptocurrency had created a stir, Mozilla has listened to people’s responses and is halting cryptocurrency donations until they review the current state of crypto to see if it is in line with their stance on the climate. They have said they will h…

Mozilla accepting donations via cryptocurrency has caused a stir.

Just before New Year’s, Mozilla posted a tweet talking about how they’re going to accept cryptocurrency as a donation method, and a lot of people in the replies are very upset about it. Jamie Zawinski, a Mozilla founder, has also directly responded to it. …

The latest version of Firefox is now available and includes an important step forward for web browser security. …

Using firefox for home and pro stuff advice

Hey, so, I’ve been a pleased user of firefox for many years now. …

Reddit dropping FF Android support???

So I realize many of you aren’t on reddit and use this instead, but wanted to share on here anyways. Tried navigating to reddit since updating to Android 12, and getting hit with this wonderful pop-up. …

Firefox 95 will have some JS performance improvement

Off thread full parsing enables the browser to perform full bytecode parsing of specific JS scripts off the main thread instead of parsing them on the main thread during execution.

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