How disgusting can a person be, if these claims are all true? …

No way I can be objective about all of this, so here I go! …

There are still no decentralized games right?

Decentralized like the fediverse. …

Pokémon Uranium - a fan-made Pokémon game

Pokémon Uranium is a fan-made game created by ~JV~ and InvoluntaryTwitch over the course of 9 years. It takes place in the completely new Tandor region and features over 150 originally made Pokémon as well as a new type, Nuclear. …

Pretty fun word quiz game :) …

Update: Even Modern Vintage Gamer noticed this port in a new video

In no particular order. Feel free to post yours. :)…

The idea is pretty straightforward; the end of the finger is attached to a cable, which is pulled from inside a sprung-loaded spool: the kind used for hanging ID cards on. The spool body can rotate, but a peg protruding from it engages with the arm of a co-located servo motor. This produces a progra…

How do people enjoy horror games?

I feel tangibly anxious when playing horror games so trying to understand how people who enjoy horror games do it. …

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