Welcome again to everybody! Make yourself at home <3 In the time honoured tradition of our group, here is our weekly discussion thread! We are excited to announce a new discord server for Trans Communists. Check it out! Also check out our telegram! uwu

Do you reckon buying old communist badges and stuff off eBay is too larpy?
I own a DDR pin but it's not like I can justify it like a book since I'll read that. Do y'all think it's larpy or in some way disrespectful for an Americam to buy that stuff?

Left wing destroyed 😲😵💀
I couldn't think of a better flavor text than the tweet itself.

Remind me, why do we hate Harry Potter?
I 100% know and understand why we hate Rowling, she deserves all the hate she gets, but why do we hate the work itself? I watched those movies when I was little when they were on TV, now couldn't care less, and only interesting part to me are mythical creatures/monsters. But I still forgot why do we hate it so much?? Can someone remind me and explain me?

Got Banned off Of Reddit for My Post
So, I got banned from Reddit for posting that video. Despite not even directly hating against anybody, Reddit marked it as "hate speech". I'm literally a Jewish-American... The ruling class is scared their influence is waning comrades

/r/GenZedong, but on Lemmygrad!

This is a Dengist subreddit in favor of Bashar Al Assad with no information that can lead to the arrest of Hilary Clinton, our fellow liberal and queen. This subreddit is not ironic. We are Marxist-Leninists.


No Ableism, racism, misogyny etc.

No being pro Amerikkka

No being an electorialist or a lib(of course)

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This community is explicitly pro AES

No dogmatism/idealism(Permanent Revolution type stuff, anarchism, etc.)

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