House of Teleyal

When I regained consciousness a few days ago, I saw some soldiers piling corpses on a wagon. Again, I had underestimated those Drow. This would certainly not happen to me again. But I had to regain my strength first. It was lucky that she hadn’t caught me in my human form. The riding lizard on which…


Alturiak 20, 1362 DR – Arishonna POV

[…] Rumbling, tireless, and with a thundering rumble, she slaughtered all the enemy soldiers with a whip formed of light with such speed that it seemed as if she was made of pure energy. Lightning struck randomly around her, incinerating every unfortunate soldier who was hit in seconds. I had never …

Ches 1, 1362 DR – Nimri POV

For several moons, my pretty one has been avoiding me. She no longer took me on her shoulder, and during her meditation, I was no longer allowed to lie on her lap. Instead, the thick skull of this snoring Aasimar lay there. I wondered what I had done wrong. […]…

Eleasis 1, 1361 DR

[…] »Damn assassin. Cowards, all of them. Hide in the shadows and attack from behind« I growled as the blood ran out of my mouth. After he disappeared into the shadows again, two words came to my mind ›Maral kor’inth‹. Words I read a few days ago in a book about elemental magic. They are said to be …

Alturiak 10, 1361 DR – Ykril POV

It seemed to be a quiet day. No guild called out because someone had broken his arm again, and at the farm Sunih and Zalen seemed to have everything under control. As I was about to make coffee, a small blue lizard sat on our kitchen table and ran excitedly back and forth. I first held out a piece …

Nightal 30, 1361 DR

When we left the house in Ramshorn, we just saw what the ghoul had done together with her praetorians. Injured passersby helped the mortician put dead bodies on his wagon, Druids tried to heal, gasping people on stretchers, and others repaired damaged windows and doors. I got poisonous looks thrown…


Hammer 24, 1362 DR

At times of rest, when the streets were almost empty, I was additionally cared by a dark figure in a cape and hood. It was not obvious to me who it was or even why. It was only noticeable that the naked, dainty feet, which had to belong to a female Drow, were marked by the road dirt. She must have b…


Nightal 21, 1361 DR

Just in time for the Snow Festival, the first snow fell down and covered the drab, gray stone of the paths and roofs under a layer of white, malleable ice crystals, which reflected a brilliant play of light under the bright colors of magic lanterns. Sanise and Nimri enjoyed the cold with building sc…


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The House of Teleyal is a small hobby project on my part. It is the story of the main character Naldela Isur’Ra Teleyal, who gets involved in adventures after her mother’s death.

Nimri, the little blue lizard, was picked up by Naldela and is also the mascot.

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