Help getting Titanfall 2 to run
Hi everyone, I got tf2 during this steam sale but I have not been able to run it in my machine (Arch/amd gpu). I was hoping I could get some help from you guys The game won't event launch and my guess is that the origin client is being the problem, since it never launches, and the last line of the steam window is something like > "Installing originthinsetup.exe" I've followed this guides: Origin additional dependencies [ ]() Drivers []() I've tried reinstalling the game, deliting the prefix and I've tried proton-ge but I don't know what else to do And for some reason it does run on a linux mint machine, so theres that.

The Vaults of Minos is a precision plattformer inspired by pulp adventure comics and movies and mid 90s jump'n runs. We invested a lot of time in playtesting and polishing the game to ensure good controls, a challenging but fair gameplay and an overall fluid and fun experience. The core feature of Vaults of Minos is a refined autogenerator that delivers challenging but always solvable levels for every new run. Other features include: -Colourful 2d sprites -Custom Soundtrack -Different bosses/Story mode -Full Controller Support (xinput, xbox, and dualshock) -Adjustable difficulty -Highscores and achievements The game was developed on OpenSuse and should run well on any modern Linux system. Visit to get the game or the demo. A steam release is planned for late july/early august. I'll stick around if you have any questions or feedback regarding the game!

Is it now safe to assume that all games now work in Linux?
I remember those dark days when I would check winehq before buying games because I didn't know if they would work in Linux or not. I realized recently that I stopped checking winehq or protondb, because I implicitly assume that everything will "just work". Hard to say when this transition happened, but it feels at least a few years old. Looking at latest stats, the only holdouts appear to be those games that explicitly ban Linux users with some quasi-malware anti-cheat. What a time we live in!

First they force everyone on a microshit account, then ban you from your own server for drinking a beer... GODDAMNIT EVERYTHING MICROSOFT TOUCHES TURNS TO SHIT.

We're seeing an increase in the number of native ports.

I'm not sure if anyone knows this, but you can play SuperTux in your browser.
I can't imagine why anyone would WANT to, since it is unbearably slow, but it's still an option. Just thought I'd put this out there.

Linux Gamer sucht Buddy for Co-Op Gaming
Hey guys, i searching for few buddies to play in the evening after the work a little bit together :D

How I got VR working on Linux (German translation in comments)
I got my HTC Vive at the start of this week and I've been spending some time getting my VR games to work correctly in Linux, so I thought I'd share what I found out: - If you plan to buy a VR headset, keep in mind that the only ones that currently have full Linux support are the HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro and the Valve Index. - If you have a Vive too, you should watch [this]( video. It explains everything you need to know about the base stations and is very short. - If you don't want to drill holes in your walls, there's also different ways to mount the base stations, like a camera tripod. Don't forget that the base stations vibrate, so you can't just put them on your shelf without anything that holds them there. - You can turn off both base stations by unplugging the power cable on the one labelled with "b", the one with a "c" will automatically turn off after a while too. There is also a script to turn them off from your PC but it's working fine for me like this, so I haven't tried it. - After plugging in your VR headset and opening Steam, you should install SteamVR, go to your Library and right click it > go to "Properties" > "Betas" and select the entry "linux_v1.14", that says it's an older version for Linux. The two versions above it ("None" and "beta") have had issues for me but you may want to try that for yourself since those versions have the Steam ingame menu and the settings working, which the version I'm using doesn't. To change the settings, I just changed the Beta to "None", changed my settings and then set the Beta back to the Linux version. - If you're using the older SteamVR version for Linux, you need to play all your VR games with Proton 5.13 or older, otherwise they'll instantly crash. The newer SteamVR versions also work with newer Proton versions, check ProtonDB for which versions exactly. - Speaking of ProtonDB, if a game supports both desktop mode and VR mode, most of the reports there will be by people playing in desktop mode. VRChat, for example, only has reports of people saying that it works flawlessly with newer Proton versions, while Beat Saber, a VR-only title, has multiple reports stating that it only works with Proton 5.13. - If you want to play Beat Saber, there's a mod manager made for Linux called Beataroni, that you can download [here]( There's also a package for it in the AUR. - If you want to install Beat Saber mods manually, you'll need to install BSIPA first. To do that, follow step 1 and 2 from [here]( The other steps are different on Linux, so I'll explain them. Install protontricks, then go into your file manager and navigate to where you put "IPA.exe". Right click it and run it with "Protontricks Launcher". A window should open, select Beat Saber here. BSIPA will now install itself. An alternative way to install it would be to use wine explorer to open IPA.exe. To do that, run "protontricks --gui" in the terminal. If you get any warnings, just press "OK". Select "Select the default wineprefix" > "Run explorer" > At the top, you can paste in the path to where you put "IPA.exe", put "Z:" in front of it, change every "/" to a "\" and hit Enter. Here you can double click "IPA.exe". Just like with the other method, BSIPA will now install itself. After you've installed it, download [this]( and put it in the same folder that IPA.exe is in. Open a terminal in this folder and type in `chmod +x IPA-Minimal && ./IPA-Minimal -f --relativeToPwd "Beat Saber.exe"`. Now you can install mods from sites like by unzipping them in your Beat Saber folder. Most of the time they're just .dll files that go into the "plugins" folder but some mods also add their own folders, like SaberFactory. Don't forget to install the dependencies each mod needs too, you can see those on as well. You may have to open IPA.exe again and do the steps after that again, after you installed the mods, if you have any issues.

Help!! How do I get Mangohud + AMD FSR working on Lutris?
Hi. I've been trying to use mangohud and fsr in the same game, but I've get mixed results, and I would appreciate any help. With Steam it's as easy as adding the launch options "mangohud WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR=1 %command%" and it works. With lutris I can get it to work if I installed the game trough a "lutris script", but if I added the game manually mangohud will show up until I switch to fullscreen to activate FSR. I think mangohud is still running, but it is being displayed out out of my screen? What could I be doing wrong? Would you need me to provide more information? Thank you very much

Will Overwatch 2 Beta run on Linux?
Does anyone know how was it during OW1 beta or launch? Would you like to try the beta? I'll try to get access. But I would have no idea of how to *try* to get it working. Could I be banned?

Gaming on the GNU/Linux operating system.

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