Are the federation problems fixed?

A long time ago, I had a account and was trying to view a friend’s content on like removed. I couldn’t see his content via at all, but I could if I just went to removed. removed was not in the list of servers did not federate with. I assumed this was a gl…

This seems to be a new kind of social network, that combines mastodon (very obvious if you look at the UI), blockchain and artificial intelligence to give an assessment if a posts content is trustworthy. …

We have, but not a

I think could pull a few canadians over from twitter since twitter is american…

Does any of you know this account?..

A Florida man has been accused of breaking the copyleft license of Mastodon by running an online instance of the software without providing its source code as required. …

Public timeline is trash🤮

I don’t really browse the public timeline but when I do, I wish I never looked at it again. …

Last November, I made a brief post to Facebook about Mastodon. Mastodon is an open-source and open social network, which is decentralized and all about user control instead of corporate control. I’ve blogged about Mastodon and the dangers of Facebook before, but rarely mentioned Mastodon on Facebook…

After a long-long time, the awaited Mastodon app has graduated from the beta phase. It is now available for use here:

What do you HATE on mastodon ?


  1. Users who put 20 hashtags on their toot…

Ethical and open replacement to Twitter

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