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Last update on 09.05.2022

In the last days, I was often asked why there are already blocked instances on this site. Especially mastodon·art was of great interest, because it basically represents the same interests as Fapsi.

The mentioned instances as well as their administrators are also added to the slur filter on and to the spam filter on my mail server, so that mails from them are directly rejected, because I don’t want to get bothered by such hateful wanna be administrators!


The instance was blocked because a single administrator, probably there is only this one, decided on behalf of more than 12000 users to exclude a single person in a dictatorial manner from the whole instance because a single member of their instance has a problem with this person. Of course, this was not openly communicated, but as usual in a smear campaign via hate speech and blackmailing. In addition, many of the users, especially Germans, are not aware that when offering paid services, such as commissions, it is necessary to comply with applicable laws. In Germany, for example, according to § 5 German Telemedia Act (TMG) of the imprint obligation. Even on social media.
So, how can you trust such an instance, where users do what they want, and the only administrator can be manipulated easily, like instances as gab·com do with their minions?

The administrator is also unable to see the difference between “a Nazi” and “like a Nazi” and spread false wording, that she got insulted as Nazi! Furthermore, contact to the administration mastodon·art has shown that the administration is very quick and willing to carry the information from a private communication to the outside and use it for hate speech.

Experience with the moderation and administration of this instance showed that even the “administrator” does not particularly want to enforce their own rules. While the moderation directly suspends accounts of other instances from Mastodon​·art completely, influenced by hate speech via Blackmailing, where she herself participates, they allow their members to ignore their own instance rules regarding micro/macro/…-aggression. Therefore, hate speech directed against others is OK for them, but blocking Mastodon​·art criticism directly?

preview·​​goatpen​·co, legbeard​·xyz, gab·com

Known instances, which partially slander the Holocaust and brag with Nazi phallus symbols.

rage·​love, slime·​global, hackers·​town, weirder·​earth & tenforward·​social

These instances are characterized by manipulative, aggressive behaviors, such as spreading hate speech, slander, defamation, lies, … They are not only already noticed by me, by their exceedingly quick willingness to directly share hate speech, such as that which came from mastodon·art, and to abuse the hashtag #fediblock by spreading lies through it, but also by several users in the Fediverse which mentioned, that users on these instances are running wild with Nazi like methods against other users on the Fediverse.

tenforward·​social is a special case. They make false accusation, insinuate whole instances of false facts that they can’t even prove, and shit on any law except the US ones. Even requests from their hosting provider are rejected by them, like plural·caffee, nerdculture·de, any some other instances. Violation of various German laws, including German Criminal Code (StGB) § 164 False Suspicion, German Criminal Code (StGB) § 185 and § 186 Slander and Character Defamation. They do not show any insight.


With the blocking of wolfballs·com follows the recommendations of the administration and moderation of, some administrators of smaller instances as well as own monitoring of highly increasing tolerance on the part of wolfballs·com towards racist comments, posts or even whole communities.


Federating and interacting with well known bullies makes the name “mentalhealth” more than untrustworthy and hypocritical. In order to avoid that the instance gets corresponding data that certain instances/users could use for bullying, we will not federate with it.

narwhal·city, lotide·fbxl·net

These have a very lack of moderation with users, spamming bullshit into groups.

social·naln1·ca, treehouse·systems, merveilles·town, plural·cafe, mspsocial·net, tech·lgbt

Acceptance only of U.S. laws and ignorance of other countries’ laws. Spreading and supporting falsehoods.


We’ve added the following domains for spreading untruths and/or supporting them:

  • social·naln1·ca
  • treehouse·systems
  • merveilles·town
  • plural·cafe
  • mspsocial·net
  • tech·lgbt

Recent activities only support the decision not to federate with a certain instance.

Looks like there is someone pissed, because one doesn’t share their love for the hashtag #Fediblock, which supports only more harassing and hate-speech. And they give a fabulous example of this.
Since the admin of the instance itself participates in hate speech and blackmailing, it is not expected to comply with a report, so the hoster was contacted. Unfortunately, this also let the deadline pass without comment. There are already meetings with my lawyer about further action against and mastodon·art regarding violation of personality rights and spreading of, or providing a platform for, hate speech. Services
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