Dropping Plume

We are going to drop Plume on blog.bka.li.
With almost any update there are new problems, which kills the complete instance, without that anything is written down on their Gitea instance or any other places, where one could search.
We don’t have time to make the work the developers should do and debug Plume any time a new update comes, for hours. So we decided to drop Plume in favor of Lemmy. Especially since Plume’s development has largely fallen asleep and many known bugs, some of them serious, have been around for months and versions, causing a lot of confusion.

We will not shut down the domain and consider replacing the software with WriteFreely, for example, and really apologize for the inconvenience.

I’m a Plume developer.

Thank you for you having used Plume, and sorry for confuse you.

Sounds like a good plan

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