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This is really comforting - especially as I’m a self-employed freelancer who has continually left traditional social media sites and moved more and more onto the Fediverse!

The thing that most content creators don’t get, and fall victim to, is that those platforms are created with the sole purpose of being the place where people go for content. This way, the platform gets a piece of not only any profit from the content which is successful, but also gets mindshare, and cachet from even failure to find content. That “almost what I wanted but not quite” feeling gets associated. So people keep coming back to the failure platform, hoping that one day the content they want will be there.


IG is so full of “influencers”. Eye roll. I’m happy you found a better place. Also, maybe an Etsy store? I’m considering it for selling crafts.


There is a reason, why I block this person who wrote it. She allows herself to be influenced by hate speech, tries to force her opinion on others, and abuses her power of an entire instance to lock someone out instance-wide because one person pushes Twitter’s lies on her.
This person is not trustworthy because she lashes out with her ignorance and arrogance and thinks she can get away with anything.
She can’t even follow her own instance rules, where it is written that even microaggressions are not allowed, but she and several members of her instance make active use of #Fediblock, in which they offend the denounced persons now and then. In addition, she carries information that people have emailed her into her public timeline and uses it to further incite hatred.

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