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# A Hexagonal Slab Of Wood, by Cîang Raokji Although I live in the nation of Kaimìdo, and it can't b

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A Hexagonal Slab Of Wood is a book written by fictional Baishu player Raokji Cîang, in which he talks about how he came to know the game of Baishu after escaping from his town in Hrastaiqua, and how he came to see the magic in it while learning strategies to make the game interesting, and then to win the game competitively.

I started writing this story after I showed the first version of Baishu to my friends and they liked it. I decided that I had to set it in a world of its own, where maybe it had some kind of importance in the societies in which it’s present. It’s not finished yet, but I hope it’s a good read!

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