“The USA is closer to Socialism than anyone else” - Vaush. Bruh…

Yeah also him saying the US was closer to socialism in the 60s than the USSR ever was…like huh

Jim Crow is integral to the building of socialism, did you not know?!111

So…ok…my best guess is that he means Marx thought revolution will spark in the biggest, most developed centers of capitalist world-system first, but…the thing is - Marx was proven empirically wrong, when Russian Empire, which didn’t even properly transition into capitalism yet, went and accidentally a revolution with it’s based bald dedushka. And, looking at it with the benefit of retrospective, why would the center of capitalist world-system even experience a revolutionary situation? It’s the place where living standards are high enough for most workers not to think about how they’re getting fucked.

Wait…I’m giving it too much thought, it’s Vaush.

yeah, but have you considered his seemingly supernatural ability to find lost children

The diddler of kharkiv

That’s not Vaush that’s the Kharkiv kid finder!!! He is a hero CNN told me so!

Kharkiv kid finder


We need a Vaush dunking dedicated sub.


We have one. It’s in the trending communities tab

Unfortunately it seems the creator hasn’t enabled the ability to create posts.


@itselectricboi@lemmygrad.ml any reason why !enoughvaushspam@lemmygrad.ml is closed?

There’s also !enough_vaush_spam@lemmygrad.ml , I’ll transfer that to anyone who wants it, and remove the less active one.

Hey, the sub is closed for now cause I created it since the other domain was already taken and I haven’t had a chance to get it going. I’m u/itselectricboi from the EVS mod team on Reddit and I wanted to create a community here to pair it to that one and flush some traffic to the site here. But if you would like to I can take ownership of E_V_S if that’s ok


Oh nice. No that’s okay, you keep, but ppl will probably use the other one unless you open it up.

I can also transfer the other to you? Is that why you closed this one?

The current one I have is closed cause I haven’t had time to get posts going for it and I wanted to open it till I got posts going, but if you want to transfer me the other one and you can remove the one I currently have we can do it that way.


How did I miss this?! 😳

It isn’t slander if it is true.

Plus it would technically be “libel” anyway lol.

“Slander is spoken. In print, it’s libel.”

Wait, that’s not a coincidence with liberalism, it should be named libelalism at this point.

That’s true haha

Yep, it’s still better than pretty much all MCU movies.


For real, nothing beats Raimi Spiderman. Although i must say that the MCU Spiderman movies (Homecoming, Far from Home and No Way Home), are quite good. Not as good as the Raimi trilogy, but still quite good and faithful to the comics i would say. Also the last one (No Way Home) is specifically made for fans, due to it having a lot of crossovers and cameos. If you are a Spiderman fan you will absolutely have a blast watching it, especially if you love the Raimi trilogy (wink wink, no spoilers).

100% agree, Raimi trilogy is untouchable, same as Nolan Batman trilogy. Also the thing about MCU Spider Man that I don’t like is that he depends on Stark technology, he can’t do everything himself. And holy shit No Way Home was incredible!

Answer: Obviously Option 4 - Some sweaty YouTuber with 344K subs, est 2019

Relevant: https://youtu.be/2wfYrQaBCmE

Vaush here making the assertion that Vietnam is not at all socialist, and actually comparable to NORWAY. Even some in his chat went against him.

He’s so sweaty and gross, I can smell his swampy ass from here

Why werent Vietnan and the DPRK communist parties updated for so long?

Updated? What do you mean?

Oof now that i looked back at it, i thought that they where using the numbers from 49 and 30, and i thought they where using the numbers of china from 2021 (i also misreaded that lol, the number is 1921), but it was the year they where founded, i misreaded hard here lol

Yes, although its true that the Workers Party of Korea was “founded” in 1949 because it was a merger of several parties. But the core of the party, which was the Communist Party of Korea, was founded in 1925.

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