How do you deal with authenticity?

What genre do you write in? And how do you deal with authenticity?
For example, when you write fantasy, is your text based on existing lore or do you “make it up”?

Katie Ampersand

I have a thing for magical realism and surrealism. When I write, I try to build on top of ideas that already exist, like a common metaphor for the topics I want to deal with, usually twisting it and making it feel like experiencing a dream

I don’t know where this approach is on the “based on existing work” to “make it up” spectrum, tho


Personally, I always have official documentation for Dungeons&Dragons open while writing and on my ebook reader for my times in trains.
I want to reinvent as little as possible to allow for a more intense feel to my setting. And perhaps to better inspire those for whom Dungeons&Dragons is as yet unknown.

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