Russia: right-wing government, low inflation. China, left-wing government, low inflation. WILD GUESS ITS FUCKING NEOLIBERALSM

Is Russian inflation really low? On the ground level (as in “how much I can afford for X money this year Vs five years ago”) it doesn’t feel like it

The ruble just hit a 7-year high against the dollar (although that is mostly, I’ll admit it, mainly because the dollar is doing very poorly). But still, inflation in Russia is, at the most, not high. The effects may not be that noticeable on the ground, but when multiplied to a geopolitical scale, there is an effect.

I dread to imagine what heavy inflation feels like in that case. Thanks!

“US left government” Lol

Is there even a single actual anti-capitalist socialist in the federal government? Even so called ‘socialists’ are just milquetoast social democrats.

I believe Cori Bush is a genuine hide-your-power-level socialist… she’s spoken at PSL organized events IIRC. Everyone thought AOC and Omar were just hiding their power levels too before they came out in support of overthrowing AES states, though, so idk.

I think she was instrumental in extending the eviction moratorium once, so at worst she’s done more good than a vast majority of American politicians.

He admitted to a reply calling him out that he’s using “left” in the American colloquial sense.

But that’s the STUPIDEST way to talk about the left. It aint even true!

KiG V2

I could grimace and give it a pass if he then called Germany “far left.” But idk. Maybe don’t kowtow to colloquialisms if they’re intensely stupid Mr. Twitter Man

He forgot China: far left gov, low inflation

Wonder why 🤔

KiG V2

Biden: Liberal communist, no balls

Trump: Patriot communist, no balls

Trudeau: haha syrup, no balls

Obama: Muslim communist, no balls

Wild guess communism is when no balls


“left government”

i don’t know who this guy is, but all credibility was tossed out the window right there

Wild guess it’s fucking neoliberalism

Im gazing into the void. Im clearly trying to win a staring contest looking into the maws of Hell.


Beware, comrade. If you stare too long into the liberalism, the liberalism stares back into you.

The infuriating part is that it’s so fatally stupid that you suspect they’re just fucking lying to everyone and it makes it so much worse. Cause what if he is genuinely sincere and serious?


If he really is sincere and serious, we need to very frightened – it’s a case of self-induced stupidity so great it can twist the fabric of space of time.

KiG V2


China crying in the corner

Your brain on neoliberalism

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