I wonder who causes most of those refugees 🤔

16000 is a disgusting underestimate. The + is doing a lot of heavy lifting.

KiG V2

Hundreds of thousands, millions…but most technically die of starvation, poor water, disease, exposure, etc. etc. so it’s nice and plausibly dremovedble 🙂

Yep the decades of sanctions devastated the country. I saw a pretty unbiased documentary from DW the other day on the situation. It explained how sanctioning critical medicine for hospital, chemicals to purify the water indirectly played a big role in killing thousands of just children! The documentary was on YouTube called Iraq: Destruction of A Nation

Edit: it seems the original videos were removed from YouTube but some uploads still exists. Here’s the IMDb link for info


John Pilger: Paying the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq.

Sociopaths, I tell ye. How the hell else do they justify their continuous abhorrent behavior while pretending to be a loyal guardian of “human rights”?

“We continue to support and welcome refugees” what’s the wall for then?

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