2500? If the battalion was this small what is Zelensky’s excuse for not getting rid of it?

It’s not that small, and they also aren’t the only nazis.

Do you know of any reliable source for how large they actually were?

They told him that they’d kill him should he do something like that.

He likes them

Wholesome Nazis

I just remembered this shitpost I made some time ago

Based on this drawing of Karl Marx

Breaking News, a horrible person you hate made an actual good point.


Its pure opportunism / opposition politics : If the republicans were in power, they’d also be giving billions to Ukraine, and Charlie Kirk would be supporting it.

KiG V2

Or he hates them because Nazis = Socialists, duh

I know, in a not so different time-line, this tweet would have been made by some Blue MAGA.

hmm, the black hand similarly only had a few thousands members, yet, they were instrumental in starting a world war 😯.

The United States has only 1 president with population of 335 million people

Well, they are not the only Nazi Group in Ukraine that’s active, let alone the only alt-right group active in their military lol


Here’s the problem with this liberal talking point. Yes, the fascists were decisively rejected during the last election – they now control about 2% of seats in the Rada. However, members of the same far-right parties continue to hold high-ranking positions in the government and the military. Which explains why Zelenskyyyyyyyyyyyy, who was elected as a moderate, continues to be at their beck and call; before the Russian intervention, there was even talk of overthrowing him if he made peace with Russia.

He’s right, but I’m like 90% sure Republicans are only against Ukrainian neo-Nazis because it’s the Democrats who’re supporting them.

If Trump or another Republican was in office, conservatives would’ve been the ones fanatically supporting Azov and spewing all the drivel that Dems/libs currently are.

RE: Charlie Kirk

Something Something broken clock

If there are so few Nazis in Ukraine, why can’t the Western press seem to be able to take photos without Nazi symbols when taking “candid” shots of Ukrainian soldiers?

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