To explain for people with no idea what this is about, it’s the Nigerian civil war. After Nigeria was given independence from France in 1960, the ethnic-secessionist state of Biafra split out from Nigeria in 1967, citing the massacre of the Igbo people by the Nigerian government as their justification for independence. Those who supported Biafra but weren’t a Catholic nation did so to preserve peace in the region. Catholics supported Biafra, as they saw it as a bastion of their faith in west Africa. Those who supported Nigeria either did so because they believed their support would preserve peace, because their nation had an anti-Catholic sentiment, or because Nigeria was a strategic partner.

The Soviet backing of Nigeria is seen as an end of the Soviet-Internationale, as the Khrushchev government pivoted to a more liberal view of the third world. To explain the one really weird outlier on that side of the conflict, I believe the Soviets before Khrushchev would have supported Biafra as China did.

Israel switched sides, because Biafra would have had Nigeria’s oil supply had they won.

The whole war was a clusterfuck, but it’s a great example of how the western nations mettle in African affairs for a wide range of reasons, from “peacekeeping” to the fanatical preservation of faith.


This has similarities with Britain’s partition of India: colonialists withdrawing, then arbitrarily drawing country lines to create as much violence and ethnic tensions as possible.


Ye olde divide and conquer

So I don’t know anything about this, but I’m guessing there was no true good side in this

If you believe Africa would’ve been more peaceful with Nigeria being whole, Nigeria would be the “good” side. If you believe African nations have a right to form based on what they want, Biafra would be the “good” side. But this was a grey area war, you could argue either side as wrong and be somewhat right.

The nigerian civil war, Biafra were separatists

Someone is able of translating this mess?


Auto-balancing of teams

LOL good one, actually made me laugh out loud 😂



Without knowing anything, I’m gonna go with the opposite of what Rhodesia is supporting.

Yo. Israel playing both sides. You seeing this shit?

KiG V2

Jokes aside this dead ass looks fake

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