This could either go really good or really bad. Maybe I shouldn’t take commie books to school

Tell him to buy his own like a true conservative. Sharing is communism.

lol, It’s a trap! well, you’re definitely on a list now; welcome to it haha.

Who knows why they want it. I’ve met various conservatives and libertarians in my life who were interested in ideas in a way that liberals just aren’t. I remember a teacher in high school, libertarian leaning, ex-us military, picture of ronald fucking reagan in the classroom like a fucked up version of a russian icon…but he also didn’t really trust cops and he always stood up for students against the cops we had roaming our schools. He definitely leaned right tho…I also remember a classmate of mine, weird mix of different world views, but was definitely right leaning, sort of xtian, but I could hold a conversation with him about politics, philosophy,etc, moreso than your generic 'murican HS kids.

So basically, who fuckin knows why they want to borrow it lol.

I genuinely think it’s just interest tbh

Good luck comrade. I hope he doesn’t burn your book or fail you.

KiG V2

Well, whats the worst that could happen in your situation?

User it as evidence of radicalization to justify disciplinary action

Well he could say that it is important to understand how your enemy thinks, thats why he is reading a commie book

Now how conservative? Racist, homophobic, or transphobic?

The kind who says they don’t have a political opinion and then rants for 3 hours about why teenagers are delinquents. I don’t think they’re too bad in terms of bigotry

Agh a “centrist” past their prime. So they say they don’t have political opinion cause they “aren’t interested in politics” or “I’m better than these rAdICaLS”. I mean I think it could work out, Parenti starts off destroying fascists and critiques the USSR so I think if they see any “red flags of a tankie” they are already too deep in the book. I say go for it, but it’s your life.

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