I bought my Grandmother secondhand with a detached spring reverb. This jack was ripped off due to the spring reverb being detached. I attempted to solder it back in place but all I’m getting is noise. Any repair advice would be appreciated.

Have you checked for continuity? The socket seems to have 4 connections, does the jack have 4 rings? If not the 4th one may be a switch for detecting an inserted jack. Try to check if the switch works correctly. (Maybe check the board first to see if it is actually connected since I can’t think of why they would need it.)

I can’t find this socket in the Manual. Do they use 3.5mm Jacks for internal wiring? That would explain why it’s so expensive :D If yes and if it turns out that the socket is broken you can replace it with just any socket if you glue it to the board and then solder the connections.

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