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Locking this thread as result of the situation here from some users.

Sex and rape are equivalent as seen from people not present at event site

Women also have controlling characteristics due to evolutionary selection and women would also have to understand to not control men

women have tried to control men in past, men have overpowered them completely

This already shows your POV.

all laws around stalking, rape should be removed and women should be taught self-defence

What you are pointing here is one of the most cruel things I have ever read here.

Certain laws exist to protect rights, in this case being physical and psychological integrity at most.

Given your POV, you are being elitist by claiming indirectly that people who cannot defend themselves should not have their rights guaranteed.

At the same time and in a posterior comment, you simply make the victim as guilty of the situation.

I am not sure what is your experience in life but this is for sure not one of them as you seem to try to normalize and accept a situation that should not even exist even sacrifying people for it.

I am sure that if you ever experienced this and you were in a truly vulnerable and similar situation, this would not be your POV.


It is a GNOME thingie for indexing files and make easier to search them in the launcher.

If you have an account in a Nextcloud instance and has added the application for its support (and I think that must also add a configuration but I didn’t check yet), you can use it there.

Mailcow also supports it, but I think only as 2FA and the other service I know is nonfree, so I don’t want to mention it.

Support is still the process but I think that some or most mainstream websites support it at some point.

Keys under FIDO2 or U2F can do that if the service supports it.


I recommend you Solo Keys instead of Yubikeys which are free software and free hardware.

I subordinated a lot of sentences. Sorry.

I never disputed that and I am not sure what point you are trying to make here. I explicitly mentioned 50+ other protocols devised by people along the way. Pretty clear that people like to experiment, and that’s awesome.

Justifying in other way the existence of different protocols in order to show an example of something that fits the same theory.

And this justification being contrary to your idea of why these exist.

That was my point.

This person was mostly asking for the main F-Droid repository and not for that one or other.

First, Delta Chat uses both because it is a mail client after all.

And second:

If it wasn’t, we’d have a huge, thriving social network with millions of users and thousands of instances years before AP even come into existence. We didn’t. Almost every developer of every decentralized social network decided to develop their own protocol, rather than use SMTP, SIP, or XMPP as the base for their social network. There’s a reason for that.

What you are doing here is called “guessing the reason because it fits”.

The things you tell don’t have to drive to the other per se. There is no process linking them directly.

That doesn’t demostrate it in any sense.

There must be a reason as you say, but that reason doesn’t have to be the one you tell.

I could say in my own POV, that people like to reinvent the wheel to learn, and in the process they find something that fits in their mind for what they want.

That is my little experience in some open projects. Specifically, after I asked reasons to not implement things in a specific way.

If they all work so well and all can replace ActivityPub, can’t they replace one another? In that case, why do we even need SIP and XMPP if SMTP was there and already popular?

The answer is: because these are old protocols that are a hell to implement, and were done in completely different times with completely different threat models and for completely different purpose.

First, there is a social network on top of XMPP, which is Movim.

Second, being an “old protocol” doesn’t make it difficult or “hell to implement” to get the same. You, as example, simply cannot use SMTP to make an internet call, because it doesn’t work in real time by design. And even with that you have Delta Chat for instant messaging.

XMPP, as example, has an XEP implementing other range of protocols for this, RTP family, which is already used as background protocol by SIP for communications.

SIP is also getting extended. Some client, such as Linphone, implemented SIMPLE, which is an extension of SIP for instant messaging which could be used as a base for other kind of social network.

I can tell you that I read a spanish newbie, recently, wondering why the «followers/following» section in a profile were not buttons to see the list of them.

In the beginning, I didn’t know that was the official Mastodon app.

Promoting some kind of help between H-Node and Debian would be great.

There is also other project for Linux Hardware in which you can share reports of things working through the own application.

I also think that some Linux Libre patches for including some Free Firmware by default or initialization without firmware in some cases (there are some AMDGPU graphics cards that can work with Linux Libre perfectly) should be included as well.

For the rest, I agree with the current model.

NonFree firmware separated completely but allowed to be load if really needed.

Bitwarden uses MicroSoft SQL Server as the only DB server option.

It is also the one they run on their main service, so it is not fully FLOSS and I would not consider that DB server reliable at all given its nature.

As Helix pointed before, there is a fully FLOSS replacement compatible with API and clients called Vaultwarden, which is also written in Rust and allow MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL DB servers AFAIR.

I encourage you to use https://teddit.net or any other Teddit instance instead of Reddit links which, even with the old front-end, track users, run unknown code in users’ web browsers and is still a resources black hole for modest computers.

No estoy seguro de si entiendes español, pero de ser así te comento: Creo que esta comunidad no es la más adecuada para hablar de crear lenguas artificiales a menos que siga la filosofía del Código Abierto.

So is just MTP for transferring files too.

That means that GNOME use FUSE or similar to support it at user level.

I am on LineageOS too.

Using TDE I cannot mount the phone directly. Won’t be detected but I didn’t investigate what I need to mount it.

I know that GNOME use these dependencies and integrates them very well.

I can mount it perfectly with GNOME.

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