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Hi folks :)

Yesterday I made a Discord server for trans MLs (link in this main post lol) and so far it’s such a fun community, I never even saw such a community before, especially how large it’s gotten already, and I’m just really pleased with myself and having a good few days uwu.

How’s everyone else going so far this weekend?

Brand new trans/ml exclusive server!
This is a Discord server for exclusively Communist Transgender individuals! It's called "Trans Commies" and we just made it yesterday morning and I thought the trans people who post on /c/GenZedong might find it interesting as well. Join here! https://discord.gg/eQVsUWhGhX

Welcome subreddit refugees!
Since we're not on Reddit I can say this. Get fucked Reddit admins, communism will win. I wish luck to the lemmy admins working overtime for this and to the new users to get used to this place. Here are some links. Telegram: https://t.me/real_genZedong (official GZD telegram) Discord: https://www.discord.gg/genzedong (official Discord)

Ah, that makes sense I guess. I think I’ll mainly use lemmygrad tho, not a fan of anti-communists haha

This is some cool stuff! I dont understand what the difference is between Lemmy.ml and lemmygrad.ml is though.