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It’s not exactly a political instance, but of course everyone is antifascist. The main political users refer to the European Pirate party (not the Italian one), but everyone is welcome to discuss his political vision, unless it’s a racist/authoritarian/bigot/fascit one. I’m very happy to know feddit exist and that lemmy platform is spreading :)

I think this could be done even on client side, at least I have some ideas (e.g. “pinned” messages could be just messages with a “room” tag locally saved on the device and chronologically ordered; answering a message can be implemented with markdown and a local search for the message when tapped on it). Of course I have absolutely no idea how hard it could be :D

I never used an iPhone or iOS in any way, so I don’t think this gonna work :)

Yep, I thought about Kotlin, maybe if I can learn that I could help jerboa development too :D

Thanks for the suggestions and the link :). Just briefly looking to the project it sadly doesn’t seems too different from conversetions and forks, but I will check more deeply. Thanks again!

I will think about java, thanks :). Clients I used (conversations and forks) usually lacks a lot of the visual “hints” presents in other applications. E.g. there is no way to answer to a specific message, there is no way to “pin” messages, different messages from the same person aren’t easy to identify, overall experience is not great compared to modern instant messaging apps like WhatsApp/signal and can be frustrating… there are a lot of things that I would love to see, but I understand that they will not magically appear if no one will work on them

You’re right, I’d like to develop for android, and I prefer to learn something else than JavaScript. Thanks for the answer and the info of course :)

Which language should I learn to make a modern XMPP client?

Hi, I’m a complete useless lurker who do not know anything about programming, and I want to program an XMPP client :D. I have absolutely 0 competence, but I’d like to know if there is a language preferable to make such things, and if there is a place where I can start to learn. I tried with some bas…


Of course, but jerboa should be a better base for future clients, since it’s a native-android client

Dessalines, am I right? Should be one of the main developers of lemmy, and AFAIK one of the main contributor of lemmur. Maybe I’m mixing things up

They probably are focusing on jerboa, and I support it (even if I like lemmur more at this time)

Meh, on android the major clients are conversation and conversation’s forks. Those are OK, but not modern or feauture rich by any mean

I’m with @rhymepurple , but I’d like to endorse fedilab, instead of tusky. Nevertheless, it’s kind of sad that the first official mastodon app have so many issues. I can understand the minimalistic experience (even if fedilab is at the opposite extremely complete) but there are some “ethical” point that should have been addressed before the 1.0 release

It’s magic earth, a maps app

The only app is magic earth, a maps app. It has a great privacy policy, tho, and works very well. You can use whatever you want, of course

Works for me, tho. HTML ddg put dessalines essay on first result

Mull + ublock on andvanced mode ftw. Mull is awesome, even if you need to change sometimes a thing or two from about:config (e.g. ocsp.require sadly broke a lot of websites), but the real feature is the ublock addon in advanced mode: if you learn how to use it (not hard, you can check the wiki on the official GitHub page or any guide on the internet) then you will have complete control on your traffic and a great protection against tracking and security issues. Tor is good too for everyday browsing, just use another browser for things that need an account

Happen with mastodon too, I guess it is a common issue in every decentralized social network

Troll attack, again

This is horrible and terrible. Just suspend new subscription untill you find a way to address this thing. Now we have gore image too. Please just shut down new subscriptions for now, those trolls attacks are completely out of control…


Antisemitic post and spam

Today I noticed dozen of antisemitic posts and a lot of microdosing posts that look like spam (not completely sure but looks like it) on the “homepage”. I think this is concerning, since this can easily bring unwanted attention to Lemmy and could be used against it (and it is really disturbing to se…