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The kind who says they don’t have a political opinion and then rants for 3 hours about why teenagers are delinquents. I don’t think they’re too bad in terms of bigotry

My conservative teacher asked to borrow Blackshirts and Reds after saying it looks interesting. 😳
This could either go really good or really bad. Maybe I shouldn't take commie books to school

Why white male christians feeling so threatened??

Lyudmila Pavlichenko entered the chat

Howcomes america can redeem themselves but China cannot??? Anarchist owned!!!

edit: absolute lack of materialist analysis. “I think thing should happen to piss off comrades”

And include a speech impediment where l’s and r’s are replaced

Just don’t ask why there’s a simplified and a traditional writing system

It’s so cool and quirky that they think entire races of people should be destroyed

East Turkestan, a name exclusively used by terrorists and liberals

Even if you make an argument that there is a dark side to ebil communsisrt 1 party rule, hospitals certainly isn’t it.

Capitalist realism. People can see the end of humanity more than they can see the end of capitalism

As a trans woman, Pink and Rainbow Imperialism pisses me off so much. Also, this is just pure idealism: Israel good because… good values.

Edit: eww the orient, I sure am glad that there’s a shining beacon of impenetrable values

No stupid they speak American /s