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I don’t want to mess with the system just to get it running. That’s why I don’t use BSD or Arch. (I use Xubuntu.) Surely Linux needs still more hassle than Windows to get things running, but it has improved a lot on that, and still is improving.

Correct me if I’m wrong: You are not asking for help! You are asking us to vote for your favorite hosting solution.

Thanks for your contributions in the past and for considering contributing in the future. It’S perfectly understandanble that you (like everybody) have limited time.

I’m not sure about the bugs you mentioned. I haven’t had a Thunar bug for a while. But I remember vaguely now that some large file operations aborted silently before being completed. When I delete several hundreds of files on an USB stick it takes forever but I thought this is due to the filesystem (freeing up every single cluster) and not specific to Thunar, but I may be wrong on this.

What bugs? (I didn’t encounter any. I use Thunar version 1.8.14)

Thanks for the links. I always thought BSD kernel with Linux userland would be cool (for me). I’ll try that out.

Interesting style. I think no Linux file manager can display in that style.

I love Thunar. I can open a terminal right in the current directory. Unfortunately you often have to install the icon set manually when you install it without Gnome.

I don’t know what Mac style means.

I’ve read some books playing in the Forgotten Realms, like “Azure Bonds”, “The Crystal Shard” (featuring both Elminster and Drizzt do’Urden), and several of the Drizzt Books (his youth, his flight etc.)

I played in Middleearth with MERP (back then I.C.E. had a Middleearth license which they lost later). I played an Umli, which is a very evil dwarf-like creature. He was too evil, so every player in our group (including me) was annoyed by him.

Aww… I see now… Nice one!

Also I’m a big Forgotten Realms and Drizzt fan.

Is it jujst me or does it really look a bit like a Disney logo?

Thanks for the info and for the link.

I quote what it does from there:

  • CPU governor
  • I/O priority
  • Process niceness
  • Kernel scheduler (SCHED_ISO)
  • Screensaver inhibiting
  • GPU performance mode (NVIDIA and AMD), GPU overclocking (NVIDIA)
  • Custom scripts

I still fear that I would crush my installed Linux with gamemode.

This looks a bit shady. Im not gonna use a weird OS tweak. Maybe if some sound source (like a magazine) reports about it.