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I’ve seen this band 4 times or so. From one gig I got a guitar pick thrown by one of the guitarists.

Pre-order now and you get the Vizier’s beard as an NFT!

It can definitely be a shitshow, knowing Ubisoft’s current direction. They want a game to ejaculate profits, and it means putting NFTs and microtransactions even to single-player games, even though they don’t add any value to it. “Ubisoft, uh, finds a way.”

When I was younger, I had high expectations of E3 and really hyped of everything. I grew up more cynical, these days I’m just interested of seeing just games with no expectations whatsoever.

And then Gene Simmons claims how the decline of music industry is the fans’ fault.

It sucked how that lineup of Rainbow didn’t last long, mainly because Ritchie Blackmore was such a control freak. On the other hand, then we wouldn’t had Dio as a vocalist for Black Sabbath.

Yes. I’d rather be the “eccentric uncle QuentinCallaghan” to my siblings’ kids than a father to any kid in a world like this. I’m so used to having my own independence and freedom, and I’m a hedonist to some extent. Also having kids would require a relationship, and the Yellowstone volcano erupting is more likely than that.

It depends. While biking, I usually have a random playlist. At home I may listen whole albums more.

Can’t remember the exact way I found out about Lemmy. I must have been browsing Reddit or Mastodon and suddenly there was lots of talk about Lemmy.

Same, didn’t know about Organic Maps already. Might as well test it, as currently I am using HERE WeGo.

Oh, congratulations! When I opened the page, I expected it to be upside down :D

There is the “Explore Communities” view that can be used for that. It can be used for listing communities across instances, here is an example.

There was one short-lived porn-themed instance but it didn’t federate with anyone and later switched to Postmill.

This makes me wish I had seen Soundgarden live.

When even i’ve been on, i would usually see finnish (?) posts so didn’t even know they catered towards english users too.

It looks like I haven’t been vocal enough with my messaging regarding Sopuli. Yes, the instance has a Finnish name and we have wooed in some Finnish users but it is intended to be general-purpose. Making a purely Finnish instance wouldn’t be feasible.

My guess is that you receive new users mainly via, is that correct?

I haven’t really done promotion for my instance so that is correct.

I think it would help a lot of we put 2-4 “recommended instances” at the top of that page, particularly small or general-purpose instances like yours. It would also be pretty simple to have different recommendations for each language, which should help regional instances. There could be a sort of tag system as well, but thats a bit more effort to implement. What do you think?

That would be magnificent!

On a side note, we would also like to help with the creation of a general-purpose instance that is less focused on politics than most of the existing instances.

My intention with was to create a general-purpose instance with no specific political leaning.