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Many years ago my dad had bought a Windows 95 computer for his business and didn’t know how to use it. I was tasked with learning how to use it and I did. I started tweaking the settings and assigning custom .wav files to all the events. I chose “Simpsons” related .wav files for most of the events. If you clicked on a Start Menu item, you’d hear Homer Simpson say “Doh!”.

I wanted to know if background programs were starting so I assigned a wav. file to that event.

One day, my dad was using his Windows 3.1 computer and trying to get a programmer to simplify some task on 3.1. The programmer tells my dad “Some things just can’t be done.” My dad says “Why?”. The programmer just wanted my dad to drop the request. He replied, “Sometimes computers are just stupid.”

At the exact moment he said that, a hidden program started running in the background on the adjacent Windows 95 computer. The event triggered a .wav file to play. The Windows 95 computer “speaks” and says “Kiss my hairy yellow butt.”

It interrupts the conversation my dad is having and they both turn and stare at the computer.

In some cases, computers don’t like being insulted and they don’t like foul language.

It doesn’t matter what the niche is. What matters is where you spend your time. If you are posting regularly on Mastodon, you aren’t on Facebook. That means they can’t show you ads and they can’t charge premium rates for advertising. They would logically deem any social media site as competition, even Twitter.

If they censor enough people, those users will stop using their account. It takes a certain critical mass of users to perpetuate interaction. If they run off enough active users, the site will start to implode like Myspace did.

Glad to see the blocking feature. I immediately went back to an old discussion and blocked a user that I wanted to block months ago.