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How are the docs bad? They exactly match what we are using.

The HTTP docs are what you want: https://join-lemmy.org/api/classes/LemmyHttp.html#getPost

It tells you the full input and output types, and if you click the defined in link, it shows you the endpoint you can use for curl.

Example from above:

return this.wrapper(HttpType.Get, '/post', form);

We do it this way because the lemmy-js-client exactly matches what you need to build a client, and is completely auto-generated. Before we used to manually maintain other API docs, and it was a huge hassle to keep them updated.

Apple is one the big guys. They are I think the highest market cap company in the US. I don’t know why many people fall for their “underdog” propo.

Based on the feedback here, we’d def add a UI option to hide them.

For the UI, I was thinking they’d look similar to discord reactions, small, grouped, and at the bottom:

I was originally thinking anonymous, but I never thought of ppl using them for nefarious purposes…

I have to look into how reactions work in activitypub before proceeding… if its an attachment that’s a just a picture url, then technically any picture would work.

They’ve made privacy part of their brand, so they do a lot of stunts like this to get some cred. If they didn’t do these stunts, they’d risk having as bad a reputation on privacy as facebook or microsoft, which they’re actively trying to avoid.

In reality tho they were one of the first to sign up to the NSA’s prism program, and every one of their privacy claims is completely unverifiable; all their services are centralized and closed source.

We still have it turned on for this instance, but its no longer hardcoded.

For example its illogical to downvote a topic or eg. song from a music genre you personally dislike

Why is that wrong to do? Votes are preference, and completely up to the person voting how they want to use it. Other people don’t have to follow anyones rules for how they vote.

You can only see their replies to lemmy posts / comments.

I find myself using them on pretty much every platform that has them: matrix, masto, discord, etc. …


People really do forget the days of unsorted forums, having to click through 30+ pages of replies to find the correct answers.

You can use the search page, and filter both by your user, community, and type comments. You’d probably find it pretty quickly.

I refuse to watch these click-bait videos, but it seems like his whole thing is about manufacturing controversy in linux spaces to get more engagement and views: IE the youtube / twitter model of social media.

I’ve always been confused as to why some people think its required that you write an essay when expressing “dislike / aversion”, but not when expressing “like”. Its inconsistent, and would just deter people from expressing dislike if it takes much more effort.

As a user of arch btw for many years, does anyone have any link to anything that fully goes into why a lot of distros such as arch don’t have this problem? Packages, runtimes, and dependencies have been a non-issue on arch (and I’m sure other distros with proper package managers) for a long time.

There is an issue for post tags, but its low priority at the moment. But ya I agree it’d be a nice-to-have.

We have a few issues about adding this: you’d choose your languages and only see posts that match.

Redreader or infinity are great… I probably wouldn’t use reddit if they closed off 3rd-party clients like twitter and facebook have.

They’ve had those for a while. Won’t even let you see more comments using their web app.

Yep just tried it, it is.

Since our last release earlier this month, we’ve had ~30 commits to Lemmy. …

Lemmy.ml now uses open federation.

You no longer have to ask us to add you manually, you can subscribe and interact without the approval process. …

Fixed several critical websocket bugs. …

Since our last release in April, we’ve had ~80 commits to Lemmy. …


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I thought this would be good to share, its an excerpt from an unpublished interview written in december 2020 about Lemmy’s origins and goals. …


Apologies for Lemmy being down last night.

Our server went down last night, after we received some messages from our provider that someone had uploaded illegal pornographic photos. …

Since our last release this month, we’ve had ~60 commits to Lemmy. …