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That’s a very low price too compared to US. Here is typically around double that.

Big changes aggregate from small changes. I read a study a couple months back that showed the increase in vegan and mostly vegetarian diets over the last 3 years has had a significant and measurable effect on carbon emissions. If everyone were to also demand remote work, that would force change by the corporations as well.

Everything is a lie. We don’t have democracy. We don’t have a government for the people by the people of the people. Laws that are supposed to provide protection, actually don’t. Laws are not enforced on the rich and powerful. Courts always side with a particular class, no matter what the law says, many times even “ruling” that the law means the literal exact opposite of what it says. Police don’t protect and serve, nor fight crime. And on and on. You can do everything right and still get fucked. All kinds of gaslighting and victim blaming going on, etc.

Many episodes of Twilight zone are about things not being what they seem and all sorts of psychological manipulation where eventually the victims crack, many times turning violent.

I truly don’t understand it. I get faith. I get believing in a higher power. I get a belief in some sort of deity. I get all of that. But to believe in a religion, which is just so clearly humans taking advantage of unknowns for their own personal power gains… That’s the part that just makes no damn sense to me. Why would anyone think a human power structure has anything to do with mystical unknowns? How is it not so obviously a scam? I’m dumbfounded.

Crimo III’s father unsuccessfully ran against Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering in 2019. When reached for comment, his father hung up on WGN News.


Another patsy. And also political hit job?

Sadly PR is easily swayed by christian faith, so they might be right. I’m not familiar with Guam though.

It’s a 20 yr old kid born to a middle class family (isn’t it always?)

More likely he cracked when he realized we are living in a “twilight zone”. Just like they all do. It takes some serious mental fortitude to put up with the insanity.

If every country shared technology

If every technology was shared with everyone. If humans thought in terms of humans. And not countries. Yes, this is the key to the revolution we all desire. It isn’t politics or economics. It’s the free distribution of knowledge.

Definitely not a failed crumbling empire. Totally just a problem that can be solved with more laws and law enforcement.

Tragic. Hot water is the easiest technological problem to solve. They have so much energy problems in Germany and it’s 100% political. Nuclear, Russia, USA, what a mess. Curious to hear what Germans actually think about all of it.

I haven’t bothered to do the math, but with what technology is available, it is damn near everyone. My gut estimate is we’d only need under 100k workers in the US and certainly under 1 million worldwide. That is to maintain our current standard of living and not advance at all of course. Maybe an additional 15-25% to advance at the maximum rate capitalism is capable of.

Nah. You’re missing a lot from afar it seems. The factual history is that the religious voting bloc was targeted by opportunists. There is no question about that, it is documented history.

Well either way I think it’s more of a reclamation than descendence. USA was founded on protestantism. Still, something else is different. I think before it was true believers whereas now it is more just opportunist dynastic hegemony. I don’t feel like cristofascist captures all that.

Interesting take. Russia doesn’t count? As I understand it, most of the power rests with the Russian Orthodox church. Not just in terms of land ownership, but also social norms. (e.g. anti-lgbt sentiment) Do I have that wrong?

So that goes along with their decision that the CDC doesn’t have authority to prevent mass disease, starvation, sanitary issues, and death by allowing “landlords” to take advantage of a pandemic for profit.

Funny how the FDA still has the authority to say a plant has no therapeutic use despite 12 millennia of documented history as a therapeutic, and an overwhelming scientific consensus.

See, this is why I don’t follow these things. The absurdity just angers me.

The funny thing is, he kinda is. I mean not really, but his whole point in running was, “see, I can do anything, and they just fucking let me. This is the dumbest system ever, and you morons all love it.” To which they cheered.

Edit: Or as a fictional character in The Mask said, “somebody stop me!”. And no one did.

This is actually a studied phenomenon in the science of the psychology of narcissists. (Please note I am pro science and usually antipsychology due to their lack of rigor)

Unfortunately it almost always ends in a reinforcement of a belief in godlike capabilities to the narcissist. Why that is, is a question for sociologists but I personally believe that even narcissists understand that something is wrong and they truly hope that someone will stop them, even though no one ever does.

American politics in a nutshell
I was at a sandwich shop late Friday to pickup a takeout order. There was a guy at the register and I patiently waited 6 feet back. He was clearly drunk and having trouble figuring out how to put his credit card in the machine. The clerk reached over to help him when he pulled back his card turned to me and yelled, "why are you still wearing a mask!?" Not wanting a confrontation with a drunk guy I answered simply, "pollution. I ride a bike." Then he yelled, "No one cares!!" He tried again for another minute or two to put his card in the card reader and he was just kind of hovering around it waving his card wildly. The clerk reached over again to try to help and he pulls back his card again, then leans over to the clerk, and in tv sitcom fashion "whispers" while gesturing at me, "this guy is judging me". Then tries for another couple minutes to get his card in the machine. Finally the clerk is able to reach over and grab it from him and stick it in the machine. I just thought this was funny and had to share. The drunk slurred speech of course made it funnier. I just smiled under my mask the whole time but after I left the store I just had to bust out laughing.