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Instead of a glitch on the instance there could be an alternative explanation. Is it possible that you inadvertently muted your friend? This explains that you couldn’t see his content on your time line but when you go to your friends account you can still read it.

Geotechland commenting on the Linux Daily Driver Challenge from Linus Tech Tips. BTW: My comment, I recently installed Pop!_OS on my sons desktop PC that he uses for school and gaming and Steam just installed fine. …

Minigalaxy certainly does the job, and it’s my go-to if I’m going to grab anything from GOG rather than messing with direct-downloads…

Dolphin demonstrates the new features for MX-21 (Xfce, Fluxbox and KDE)…

A Florida man has been accused of breaking the copyleft license of Mastodon by running an online instance of the software without providing its source code as required. …

Another DIY video from the Gentle Living Shop. This time how to sew a roll-up pouch organiser. When you’re interested in sewing or just want to organize stuff…

This is a really simple game: You push boxes by walking into them. You can’t push more than one box at once. Your task is to put all boxes to spots marked by marbles. A box gets coloured red when it stands on a marked spot. And since the game is 3D, you can move all 6 directions: left, right, forwar…

In this video we’ll be taking a look at how to host and run your own Minetest server on a GNU/Linux system. The basics are probably the same for windows and mac, but I don’t own either of those systems so don’t bother asking about it. :P …

Keynote speech of Eben Moglen for the Open World Forum in 2010 discussing the surveillance network, the cloud, the hierarchical Net and it’s dangers. He continues to describe the solution the ‘plug servers’ [basicly what Freedombox, Yunohost etc are now] together with a network consisting of federat…

First of all I’m no security expert but I do know that security is relative. I’ve yet to see a objective scientific approach that can compare the security models of GNU/Linux and Windows (or any other OS). This could, given a proper experimental setup, provide objective data to substantiate that a certain Linux installation or distribution (or Windows for that matter) is secure (or insecure) in comparison. Understandably this scientific approach is very difficult to define given the numerous variables one has to include in this experiment. Until then we have to settle with self-proclaimed security experts that argue perhaps even rightfully why one system or the other is (in)secure. Often leading to endless debates without a decisive clear outcome.

As a sidenote. It’s funny that the author while describing the lack of sandboxing applications in Linux puts Linux against ChromeOS while the latter is a Gentoo Linux-based operating system.

And another one. Any OS is as secure as it’s user.

An important reason for lack of adoption is simply because that every PC or laptop comes with Windows installed for free (as in gratis). People are generally lazy and don’t bother with installing another OS. I’m pretty sure that the general public doesn’t need the feature rich MS O365, and certainly doesn’t care about the toxic community or GNOME vs KDE/Plasma. They just take what already installed.

Three years ago I installed Linux Mint on my fathers laptop because of the slow performance of Windows and all the malware issues that he had. Before that he used to call me once a week the ask for help for his laptop but that stopped immediately after I installed Mint. He’s a happy Linux user now but he can’t tell you anything about his desktop environment, package manager or whether he’s running systemd. He doesn’t care about that, he just wants his laptop to work. If the laptop had come with Mint in the first place he probably wouldn’t have known that it had Linux on it.

VGC Illustration: the drawing app of the future

I’m not usually post about Kickstarter projects but VGC Illustration seems like an interesting open source vector illustrator program. …

Interesting thoughts. My first reaction is that too many changes can easily lead to feature creep. I like Lemmy for what it is an ethical Reddit like alternative. Having said that, the idea of a better description of what a community is about is good but that can already be covered in the sidebar. Nevertheless it could help mods to structure the text in the side bar.

Some of the ideas seem more of a burden to the community mod e.g. setting up a matrix server (and modding that too). But then again you already wrote that that is optional.

I fully agree. I respect the author as a Free Software advocate and a developer for GNU/Linux Debian but he should have known better. Being at the whims of FB anything can be expected. I do hope he’ll delete his account now.

Last November, I made a brief post to Facebook about Mastodon. Mastodon is an open-source and open social network, which is decentralized and all about user control instead of corporate control. I’ve blogged about Mastodon and the dangers of Facebook before, but rarely mentioned Mastodon on Facebook…

Yeah, it’s hard to imagine how the blockchain stuff coincides with the sustainability goal of the NGI Initiative. I also find it ironic that the pdf that explains the research and innovation program, specifically targeting open source privacy, is made with MS Word on OSX. https://www.ngi.eu/wp-content/uploads/sites/48/2020/04/NGI4ALL_NGI_Projects-and-people.pdf

Thanks the link is much appreciated. I’d never heard of the NGI and I’m glad that the EU is putting the money where their mouth is.

According to the Fediverse definition it is. The definition is: ‘… able to communicate over the boundaries of the instances because the software running on the servers supports one or more communication protocols which follow an open standard’. These open standards are: ActivityPub, Diaspora Network, OStatus and Zot.

I’m only discussing instances here that have quality content. TILvids is big and it has quality content but it doesn’t federate with any other instance which kind of defeats the purpose of PeerTube. Better would be to join a PeerTube instance that federates with a proper number of other instances and has good quality e.g diode.zone.

Actually the content on PeerTube is improving lately with more quality videos. A major current problem is that federation between PeerTube servers is low. As a consequence the user often has to rely on something like Sepia Search to find content.

Now that’s good spending of EU money. Where did you find that information because I couldn’t find it.

With all the billions that the EU is spending on farmers and industry it would be a good idea if they actually start funding existing free and open source projects. Perhaps in the same way how NLnet is funding free and open source. Imagine what could be done.

Movim has a very nice news feed. It allows to subscribe to some of the major news outlets. I’m happily using it for two years now. https://movim.eu/

I switched from OpenELEC to LibreELEC years ago after most of the OpenELEC developers decided to leave and start their own version. Amazing for what it does, minimal Linux distro to run Kodi. Has never failed me. Also a demonstration of the strength of free and open source software. If needed you can always create your own fork and (try to) make a better product.

Last summer in the first swings of the global pandemic, sitting at home finally able to tackle some of my electronics projects now that I wasn’t wasting three hours a day commuting to a cubicle farm, I found myself ordering a new smartphone. Not the latest Samsung or Apple offering with their boring…

Given that Apple is already working on RISC-V solutions, it is likely now only a matter of time before the company replaces certain types of cores with RISC-V. However, it remains to be seen is how far Apple will be willing to go with its RISC-V initiative. RISC-V currently focuses on lower-perfor…

You probably all hate these videos that start playing once you open a certain website. I use uBlock Origin for a long time so I was used to select the element zapper and boom the video was gone. It’s only recently that I wondered if I could remove this element of the website permanently with very vi…

I agree that the post is rather pessimistic about the future of the Fediverse. It is possible however that the Fediverse eventually will become a bunch of silos with every silo their own version of ActivityPub or another protocol. Perhaps the biggest strength of the Fediverse, next to federation, is that I can login with let’s say a Mastodon account to post a comment on PeerTube. One account to rule them all.

I definitely agree with your last point and for me Lemmy is a good example of that.

We must find a way to empower this community or in some years, sooner or later, the Fediverse as we know it now will be replaced with the next-shiny-thing, and the cycle starts all over again. There is a “Tragedy of the Commons” that applies to Fediverse just as well, that we must overcome. …

I just watched a video about Tauon Music Box this morning https://peertube.linuxrocks.online/w/rQuqEhaB6uJZanxhDCb3w6. From the video description: Tauon Music Box is a minimalist Spotify Front end and Music Player for the Linux Desktop. It’s in active development and designed to be both beautiful and to get out of the way.



The most fb like social network is Diaspora. It’s very privacy oriented. The most difficult part is to convince your friends and family to join Diaspora.