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Gettin killed at a mass shooting during a July 4th parade is probably the most American thing ever. Founding Fathers would be proud.

They also released vkd3d 1.4. I wonder if wine and proton will ever merge vkd3d forks.

is pizza hut still in Russia?

McDonalds is a public health disaster. Russia is lucky to be rid of it.

Paid for by the Microsoft guy.

It’s a shame that a once-reputable outlet like the Guardian has turned into this.

Anything Agatha Christie. (except Big Four, it’s awful)

You can find them all in library genesis.

Those two rules are good common sense rules.

Doch die Züge sind überfüllt, und die Bahn hat sich nicht ausreichend auf den Anstieg der Fahrgastzahlen vorbereitet.

Werden sie auch mehr Züge und mehr Gleise bauen?

The reason young men went hard-right in the last decade is because left-wing movements stopped talking about issues that affect men. The vacuum was filled by people like Jordan Peterson.

You can’t build a popular movement and be dismissive of half of the population.

Is it now safe to assume that all games now work in Linux?
I remember those dark days when I would check winehq before buying games because I didn't know if they would work in Linux or not. I realized recently that I stopped checking winehq or protondb, because I implicitly assume that everything will "just work". Hard to say when this transition happened, but it feels at least a few years old. Looking at latest stats, the only holdouts appear to be those games that explicitly ban Linux users with some quasi-malware anti-cheat. https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2022/06/3500-games-now-steam-deck-verified-or-playable/ What a time we live in!

Language Filters
As more Lemmy instances come online, I see more and more content under All from languages I do not speak. Is there a way to implement a language filter, or to manually remove those instances from my feed?

We're seeing an increase in the number of native ports.