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For example G1 / libre currency, a social crypto who is not using PoW, just a simple method to create new money assign every real persona a fix little amount to create (web of trust). More info: https://duniter.org/

My personal alternative choice:

I use to do some work on open source paid by mu customers, but they never know about it :-) For example, if I need to translate some strings (l10n) I translate a bunch of strings, more than required, for community profits. The same if I’m helping to solve an issue…

But it’s always a way to help open source projects just make a personal donation, as a developer, because our money is, in fact, the money our customers pay us (freelancers, for example).

Improvements on federation with Mastodon, etc. Right now posts on Mastodon have as author the user post, nor the community (but you are following lemmy communities, not users, because it is not possible follow users). So, when any Mastodon user want to follow these “new source” and follow the user of the tooth, nothing happens. And he is unable to follow the community! A furst workarround should be add a bottom line on the tooth like "follow this community at community_name@lemmy_instance.tdl "

Internationalization, i18n (not just l10n, localization). So, you can create communities only visible on a specific language, etc.

Use pinephone ;-) It has hardware switches and runs linux :-p

Fediverse (activitypub) federation issue

When I boost a post of a Lemmy community account, like: …

How get listed there?

How can I list my instance, collapse.cat, at https://join-lemmy.org/instances ?..

What reddit flairs are?

No, I don’t mean the “Mastodon feature”. I mean, for example in my site collapse.cat, a community called “Peak Oil” to talk in English about the peak oil, and another community, called “Cenit del petroli”, to speak about the SAME TOPIC but in a Catalan community. Imagine you have an instance in Canada (English/French), in Barcelona (Catalan/Spanish) or just a website with international vocation (English/Chinese/Spanish/Arabic).

What am I talking about could be achieved just launching several instances, one for each language, but could be managed easily if Lemmy has i18n features.

I like tags, but, as you say, there are other applications what use them, like Mastodon. For example, there I use them to build “views” with info of topics I’m interested in.

Thank you for your answer! I think Lemmy it’s a very interesting tool, with o without tags. IMHO a killer feature is that it can federate with Mastodon, etc.

Accept libre currency donations

https://join-lemmy.org/donate accept several cryptos. Could libre currency be accepted too? …

Internationalization, i18n

Lemmy is localized (l10n), but, can it be internationalized? I mean, people can choose a language and ONLY see the communities of this language (or, maybe, of a “neutral” language… This feature could be useful on countries where more than a language are used, like mine, but also for thematic site…

Are there tags in Lemmy?

Can we use tags on title and body fields?..