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To make matters worse, Liberapay, just like Ko-Fi, is hosted behind a Cloudflare Proxy.

ohh. This looks really interesting 😊 Thanks for this!

I just can confirm. After my forays into Windows and Mac, I’ve always gone back to Linux on my desktop for web development and system administration. Personally, Linux makes so many things so much easier for me.

English translation:

Lately, it happens more and more often that an admin / moderator blocks a whole instance because there is a problem with a single account on another server. This leads, of course, to the fact that all accounts of the two instances can no longer communicate with each other.

But the problem actually exists from my perception already on a much deeper level.

Because, of course, the behavior rules of different instances do not have to match in detail. So it is very likely that certain content in instance A still fits the rules but is no longer tolerated in instance B.

It seems that many moderators now transfer their local rules to all instances in the entire Fediverse and thus, in my opinion, make a mistake in moderation because their rules are not intended for this level.

From my point of view, it would be sufficient in such cases to ban only the problematic post (or the whole account) locally. Theoretically, it could also be left up to the users themselves what they don’t want to see from other instances. It is now even possible as a user to block entire instances.

In my opinion, blocking an entire instance is not appropriate unless, for example, you have started a survey among your own users, which concludes that the majority no longer wants to federate with the other instance.

I’m already curious what your opinion is on this topic.

A new D&D movie? 😱
Let’s hope for a better than the last one …

D&D Celebration 2021

Preview Sep 23
Main Event on Sep 24-26…

I manage my server all with default command line and vim and I only use a docker container, when there is no other way to run the software.

Self hostable report-uri collector

I’m looking for a self-hostable report-uri collector like report-uri.com for CSP and Expect-CT.
I already found some very minimalistic ones who only log onto stdout or are not updated for years…

Also pinta is a great tool for editing. Not this powerful like gimp, but it’s enough for the simple things.

Just found https://limetext.github.io/. Maybe something you’re looking for?

I tried it again and it looks like it works now as expected. When I tried it previously it worked for some minutes and then the connection broke. Glad to see, that they were able to manage this scenario now better 😊

Whenever I see a link to “Hacker News” I ask myself, “Holy shit. What kind of nonsense was written there again”. 🙄
I haven’t read anything really constructive there yet, and the comment culture there reminds me far too much of Twitter and Facebook.

I have a LAN/WAN/DMZ/WLAN setup at home with a hardware firewall behind my ISP router. I don’t really feel the need to change that either. :D

I tried it, but my devices couldn’t find each other, probably because my WLAN has another network range than my LAN.

I really love the fact, that it directly includes Gotify

I must confess that this is the first time I read about Eberron. Can you describe it a little so I can get an idea?

Boredom among bullies, Nazis and other negativist trolls seems to be just getting into high gear. It’s really sad to see how much content they get in a short time 😔

Interesting quote you use, which does exists where? And what do you know to make such a statement? The only thing I see is, that you’re looking for excuses to be disrespectful. When you’re unhappy with yourself, just look for help. I bet on your place are enough psychiatrists with a free bed for you

Interesting 🤔 why do you think I’m a fascist? Do you know more about me as I do?

I’m not sure, if I understand you correctly 🤔 What do you mean exactly?

oh. Sorry. It isn’t my intention to drag this special case to lemmy. I only brought it up as an example of behavior that I’ve noticed on the whole. Please excuse the confusion. And yes, I agree, as the word BS probably describes it best.

When I regained consciousness a few days ago, I saw some soldiers piling corpses on a wagon. Again, I had underestimated those Drow. This would certainly not happen to me again. But I had to regain my strength first. It was lucky that she hadn’t caught me in my human form. The riding lizard on which…

I found it at https://github.com/distruss/pictrs. It’s a clone repository of https://git.asonix.dog/asonix/pict-rs/ which is currently unavailable from my position.

The webinar starts today at 6pm EST

Gespielt wird mit dem Regelwerk Butterfly-Aspect. Wer möchte, kann gerne schon vorab einen Blick ins Grundregelwerk werfen, das ist aber kein Muss…

Configurable default theme

Is it planned or already possible to set the default FE theme? I really want to set “cyborg” as default on my instance…

Webmention support?

Are there any plans to support webmentions? Or are they already included?..

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An exciting webinar is coming up at 6pm EST on Aug 18. ReneeChristian and M.N. Kee are going to talk about using roleplaying to cowrite…



Alturiak 20, 1362 DR – Arishonna POV

[…] Rumbling, tireless, and with a thundering rumble, she slaughtered all the enemy soldiers with a whip formed of light with such speed that it seemed as if she was made of pure energy. Lightning struck randomly around her, incinerating every unfortunate soldier who was hit in seconds. I had never …

Dealing with haters

For a few months now, I’ve been dealing with bullies who not only badmouth my English but also blast out claims like “his one-dimensional characters” or “… which lusts for her mother” into the world of Twitter and elsewhere.
I don’t know what’s going on in those puny buns, what they call brains…