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This looks like a great tool.

I can’t think of any use case but I can’t help thinking I could do fun and useful things whit it.

I’m not convinced this will find much success.

First of all, like @const_void@lemmy.ml said I’m not sure we need and entire distro for this.

Second I think tiling managers require a lot of customization and it seems to me it would be rather complicated to package sensible defaults for those. Then why would you use a specific distro for tiling workspace managers if you need to spend time customizing it anyway?

I mean what added value would a distro bring?

Like I have less and less time to do what I like and learn what I want to learn. Like I care less and less about what people think.

Like Life is good :)

You need to be more specific, I guess you mean other apps with the same purpose/functionality.

For me its:

  • Free Libre Open Source software is my favorite kind of software
  • It’s decentralized/federated
  • I can self host it rather easily
  • It’s on the fediverse

As long as it’s opt-in and they don’t harass you I don’t see the problem.

Compare this to companies that make this stuff opt-out and put the setting behind several menus and “really, are you sure you want to take money from me, I mean are you really really sure?” confirmations, then reactivate it at the next update.

Also I saw a post about some DNS servers having problems resolving ml domains. Check if you can reach the website on the device you’re making your tests from, just in case.

I tried QOwnNotes out but I’m quite disapointed (in comparison to Joplin):

  • I find the interface cluttered, even though I can choose the elements to show
  • The companion extension for firefox lacks functionality, I did not see a way to set tags while saving the page
  • Adding multiple tags in the application is cumbersome as it requires to click a button for each one
  • The way the nextcloud connexion works is unclear, it says I’m connected but I still need a sync client to synchronize my notes. Indeed, after having created a note I did not see anything pop up on my nextcloud.
  • I already said it but there’s no android app, even though I could just use a text editor coupled with my nextcloud app for synchronization, I would miss out on some functionalities, as searching by tags for example

It’s just not compatible with my desired workflow.

I can’t say I went all the way but I think I’m past the middle.

I try as much as possible to own the tools I use through self-hosting (mail, mastodon, pixelfed, matrix, lemmy, blog, cloud, firefox sync, photo hosting, rss, …) and when it’s not possible I choose privacy-oriented ones but sometimes floss alternatives just aren’t good enough and I won’t/can’t sacrifice the required efficiency.

That’s the case for search engines, I use my own searx instance but sometimes I just can’t find what I’m looking for so I switch to google for those.

My biggest issue is that I could not find an alternative that suits me to Youtube, I like peertube but there isn’t enough content for me and I don’t have the resources to host it (to control the federation settings).

As for android, I used to bother with aosp projects in the past but I don’t have the time anymore so I just rooted my device and disabled as much junk as I could and use f-droid as much as possible.

Just tried this link in my rss client (freshrss), everything working fine.

It’s supposed to be me, I made it with Androidify a few years ago and it was sitting in my nextcloud.

Then stole the idea of adding the service icon from someone on mastodon, or matrix don’t remember exactly.

A tiling manager (i3), vim with some plugins and fish shell are the tools that make me save the most time everyday I would say. Aliases and scripts for repetitive commands/tasks, ansible playbooks for automated/centralized configuration.

Basically because I’m trying to own the tools I use. I already had my own matrix, mail, mastodon, pixelfed instances so spending a lot of time on reddit, lemmy was naturally the next step.

This, with a good backup plan, looks like the sensible way to go based on what you want to do. I see people mentioning piwigo, that is a great choice if you want some advance photo hosting features, have multiple users, manage permissions (or not), but the content is not stored in a way that makes it easy to retrieve.

With nextcloud (and the autoupload on your phone), all your photos are accessible from any browser and you can still easily share content with generated links with preconfigured expiration, … Sure nextcloud does a lot more and may be a bit overkill for what you need but it should be easy to get running and the other features could be put to use without any doubt.

The other simple solution would be a simple photo gallery, with a sftp client on your phone, I used minigal nano in the past but it seems to be unmaintained. I’m sure you could find an alternative. From a quick search lychee and librephotos seem like a couple of good examples and photoprism which has been mentioned here.

I think as long as you’re not being disrespectful to anyone there’s no problem, although that depends on your instance’s and community’s rules.

I kind of feel like @CHEFKOCH@lemmy.ml, I don’t think there will ever be a shift because the vast majority of people simply don’t care. No matter how much you show them there’s a better way they rather stick with the simpler way.

I do think though that the situation can largely improve and that we are heading in the right direction, even if we are progressing slowly.

That being said even though I know some of my friends and family do see me as the “alternative” one (and definitely a geek) I never felt like they saw me as a weirdo :)

Yes, but then you need another application to handle the synchronisation, I like that Joplin works with webdav and nextcloud. That being said I do admit it would have been better if it stored its content in plain text.

It seems I’ve been a good boy this year, got a nvme ssd and 32GB of RAM to upgrade my gaming rig and some macro lens and a SD card for my camera.

And you, what did you get?

Have some of you configured your lemmy server to send e-mails using starttls?

So I have an issue with my smtp settings, I can’t get my Lemmy instance to send e-mails using my SMTP server using starttls and wondered if some of you have managed to do so? …

I installed Lemmy

I added Lemmy to the list of my self-hosted fediverse services, here’s what I think about it and how I made it more useful in a single-user instance configuration…

What did you replace youtube with

Hi everyone, I’ve been following the de-google-ify internet campaign of framasoft for several years now and have replace a lot of GAFAM services doing so but the only service I’m truly struggling with replacing is youtube…

Ok so I managed to make federation working, mind your versions!

I had tried version 0.11.3 and 0.13.0, those were not working, finally tried 0.13.3 as suggested by @nutomic:matrix.org and now everything is working as expected…