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it’s been 4 months now and, in the meantime, plume has also undergone a couple of updates it seems. what’s your opinion?

asking because i was about to start a similar thread. :P

oh, i wrote “silly” because i was being sarcastic. i don’t think they’ve never been challenged. it’s hard to be alive on this planet and never ever being challenged by anyone that sees the world not the way you do. unless you don’t want to be challenged that is (e.g. you debunking their “opinions”, but they deciding to keep finding new excuses to “counter-debunking” you).

anyway, you do you, of course. wish you the best.

love & solidarity.

vagueness is the enemy of truth. and justice. and loads of other things.

just give a look to the newest police and immigration laws in europe and us.

ideally, it sounds very nice, almost as a fairy tale. someone might argue you are on a mission to debunk conspiracies and change people mind, but these are just useless assumption no one should make. :P

on a practical level, for now, i see a racist and a pro-nazi thread and you spending loads of energy to counteract all the “silly” things that are being said in those post.

i would never do it myself, but i respect you for that.

however, how long will you last before burning out?

bare in mind that, if my original comment was very much judgemental, i’m beyond that now because i believe you might actually be a good soul. :P

politically’neutral? lol is it a joke? neutral generally means fash, we know that, right? or do we still believe in the neutrality of switzerland?

tbf, Self-Hosted is a podcast so those “videos” are actually the podcast episodes.

If they are small and no one wants to host them, the content cant be that important.

big lol for this. i mean, if we want to see the world through a competitive/quantitative/capitalist lens, you might be right. but do we really want to?