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yeah. But if you’re under constant exposure to covid as it evolves, no variant will be new to the body, since 99 and 100 are bsaically the same

Does covid cause long covid more often then influenza causes 'long influenza'? How about vs sars from 2003?

I know long influenza isn’t a real term, but influenza might cause something that could be called long influenza?..


I get what you’re saying, but you might not get what i’m saying:

For simplification, lets say covid evolution goes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, […] 100 where 100 is a new variant and 1 is the og covid. Lets say covid evolves from 1 to 2 over a 1 week period.

If you’re exposed to 1 you become infected then immune for 6 months. When you’re exposed to 2, it’s basically 1 but it renews your immunity. If you’re exposed to a new number each week (1, 2, 3, 4 etc 99) by the time 100 comes out, you’d have maintained immunity and your 6 month antibodies.

Make sense what i’m saying?

We know that it’s possible for people to be reinfected with covid, and that both vaccines and natural immunity wane after around six months

Naturally immunity won’t fade if we’re constantly exposed to covid, aka under the current american system, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was constant exposure

OH i thought you meant like hepatitis A, B, C etc virus rather than hepatitis without that virus

What’s your reply to “We let everyone get sick in america and nothing bad happened, besides the bad people died/became more disabled”

Wrong sub? I dont see how hepatitis and covid are related. I tried crtl f in article

Not that i disagree the situation over there is hellish

I’m surprised you haven’t been downvoted to hell

Mars in green rockets, the ones he smokes.

Great fan fic idea

No compost program here, only half a recycling program, long story short.

I Read through https://www.wikihow.com/Start-a-Petition

the difficulty curve there is pretty enourmous. Yeah I can start a petition that will go nowhere, but a successful petition involves applying all the marketing/tactics from c/fedivangelism and promoting the fediverse is already extremely difficult.

I think a lower hanging fruit would be explaining what I should do with an banana peel, given that no formal compost program exists here

maybe ask your favourite restaurant to set out a compost bin.

this one is good low hanging fruit, but where would they dump the compost?

My dumb take on this, correct me if i;m wrong:

for lemmings reading this don’t bother throwing compostables in the trash in most regions, ideally throw it into the wilderness for like the birds.

Organic material, when dumped in a landfill, at best doesn’t decompose at all, we’ve found decades old newspapers and even food buried deep in landfills

Fact checked: mostly true. They decompose ~25%.

Source copy pasta:

Environment and Plastics Industry Council www.plastics.ca/epic A Council of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association www.plastics.ca 5915 Airport Road, Suite 712, Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1T1 Tel (905) 678-7748 Fax (905) 678-0774 Modern sanitary landfills are managed so that little material actually degrades. Landfill excavations have uncovered newspapers that are still readable after almost 40 years, ten year-old carrots that are brown on the outside and bright orange on the inside, and 20 year-old steaks with meat still on the bones. ` As people become better informed about solid waste issues, the focus of attention will shift away from the degradability myth and toward real solutions such as source reduction, reuse, recycling, composting and recovery of energy – solutions in which plastics play an important role. Biodegradation Won’t Solve the Landfill Crunch What happens deep below the surface of a landfill? What doesn’t happen would be a more accurate description. More than two thirds of the garbage going into landfills may be theoretically “degradable”, but little change actually occurs once it gets there. “Here today, gone tomorrow – that’s what many people believe biodegradability really means. Bury newspapers, wood or food scraps and they’ll disappear over time through decomposition. “Not so,” says Dr. William Rathje, an archaeologist at the University of Arizona who believes biodegradability is North America’s favourite myth next to Santa Claus. “Nothing has as popular an image as biodegradability in landfills. Unfortunately, though, it simply doesn’t happen.” Scientific research has demonstrated that very little biodegrades in modern sanitary landfills. The Buried Evidence Excavations of landfill sites across North America have uncovered some startling facts: newspapers are still readable after almost 40 years; ten year-old carrots are brown on the outside but bright orange on the inside; and 20 year-old steaks still have meat on the bones. While some food debris and yard waste may degrade at a very slow rate – perhaps about 25 per cent in the first 15 years – there may be little or no additional change for at least another 40 years. Put another way, trash entering landfills essentially retains its original weight, volume and form for the entire active life of the landfill. This confuses people – they think things biodegrade rapidly in landfills; yet a head of lettuce stuck in the back of a refrigerator for ten weeks may look worse than one buried in a landfill for ten years. Why aren’t materials – even raw organic debris – rapidly biodegrading in landfills? The answer is simple. Many people believe that landfills are just big, carefully controlled compost piles. They are not! In compost piles, the garbage is chopped, kept moist and stirred. No one chops garbage in a landfill and no one adds fluids – it’s usually illegal. And no one has figured out a way to stir it. The result is very little biodegradation. There’s another problem: the micro-organisms in a compost heap are aerobic – oxygen breathing – and they could biodegrade metal. The anaerobic bugs in a landfill just don’t receive the proper balance of moisture, nutrients, temperature and particle size to biodegrade much of anything. Environment

TL;DR — please stop being snarky to the OP.

Thanks mate!

I like the idea. In the mean while, you can make like c/tracyspcy and crosspost your best stuff there and interested ppl can subscribe

How google killed xmpp

the short version was that it was an up-and-coming federated protocol, with people working on clients and stuff, and trying to attract users. then everyone got really excited when Google decided to start using XMPP in their Google Talk product, because it would mean instant adoption by a ton of peop…


If someone like Elon Musk were to go after the biggest instances and either offer money to buy them (which is very likely to work)

I 100% expect this will happen. It would still be not too bad for the fediverse compared to twitter currently. Lets say elon buys mastodon.social, I can still move to mstdn.social and continue from there and federate with mastodon.social. Currently, if i want to partake on twitter, I have to have a twitter account.

There is also the xmpp problem:

How google killed xmpp: How google killed xmpp; the short version was that it was an up-and-coming federated protocol, with people working on clients and stuff, and trying to attract users. then everyone got really excited when Google decided to start using XMPP in their Google Talk product, because it would mean instant adoption by a ton of people! except now everyone just used Google Talk as their client, because it was ahead of the existing XMPP clients in terms of usability/UX, and UX work on other clients kinda died. but over time, Google being Google, they got distracted and started neglecting Google Talk, failing to enable TLS support while the rest of the XMPP ecosystem started making it mandatory, essentially cutting off all Google Talk users from the rest of the XMPP network. so now you had a Google Talk network that everyone was using with a decent-ish client, and an XMPP network that a bunch of people were using with clients that sucked, and they couldn’t talk, and all the momentum in developing a strong stand-alone network was lost due to people letting Google control the whole thing

Trump social might already be doing a variation via mastodon.

Give me your ideas for a novel political system

Way back the concept of democracy, anarchism, communism, fascism etc were developed. Give me you best ideas for a novel political system. …


Suggestion: add a feature/toggle that can switch all youtube links to invidious links

In user settings, ideally let us pick which invidious instance…


Who's your favorite lemming/lemmy user?

You can pick yourself if you want…


What is https://beehaw.org about?

What’s their instance about? Like lemmygrad is communist, mander.xyz is science…


Can we get some vids upload to peertube?

Limited bandwich so the fact that i can switch to low quality in peertube is helpful…


Why is there so little cryptocurrency in fiction?

You’d think cryptocurrency would appear more in fiction considering how popular it is irl. So instead of cyberpunk, have cryptopunk? Which sounds like cyberpunk written by a hedge fund manager with 1.5 million in bitcoin irl. …