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LineageOS also supports some more obscure phones if you don’t like Google pixel phones or if you’re on a tight budget

Alternatively, you could generalize it by saying “Lemmy is similar to (discussion-based) social media sites”

Because the comments should reflect the user base plus chaos would soon ensue with the flood of comments from reddit. That’s why I suggested to somehow cap the posts, like 5 per day, so we see more content here while still maintaining a sense of a unique community.

And bridging simply works better with messengers than with board-like systems like lemmy or reddit.

You can still have a better good question to bad question ratio

Maybe not every post & maybe not the comments. One could try with one community and only the Top 5 posts of any given day or somesuch

It’s certainly helping other people to feel superior, especially those who don’t get to feel superior too often

Well, seems like the die is cast. Won’t get any more perfect than that

There are downsides for everything for sure, but it’s the intent that matters. Also, the downsides for closed source are even worse, so it’s not an alternative anyways

How many moderators do you need? Count me in.

not necessarily, but more vulnerable

or a bunch of surveillance cams

My video-watching behavior has changed a lot over the years. These days, I hardly watch any videos from start to end and almost never at their actual speed. Also, I skip around a lot, which is bad to do on YouTube due to all the advertisements. So I try to avoid the main site by using the NewPipe app or invidio.us instances in the browser. And I never log in, so as to avoid the algorithms (thus I never comment, like or subscribe either).

Is this a bug or somehow intended?..


This could be a good logo for sth. called a “Flagiverse”

from my experience, cutting your hair to chin-length suffices to land a job

I tried joining some communities, but somehow it stopped working after the 5th one… otherwise, everything I tried is running smoothly so far

Facebook is only censoring posts about Mastodon cuz they know they don’t stand a chance in direct competition