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I don’t work a job yet, and I’m new to server administration

The latter can help you acheive the former.

Get a cheap VPS under 3 usd /month. There’s a few lemmy install guides out there for newbies

DNS is majorly flawed.

Web3 will bring better systems. We’re already seeing decentralized file storage economies. Next will be distributed dns.

Handshake seems promising.


True, but watch this space.

Odysee has grown 300 percent in the last 6 months - standing at 30 million montly view right now.

on the left = current web2 systems

on the right = future web3 disruptors

Nextcloud and dropbox are both web2 insofar as they can only run on someone’s server. IPFS has the potential to provide layer 2 solutions that completely decentralize file storage and empower users (data no longer belongs to whoever owns the server).

I would like to thank the good people of Lemmy here, who helped me avoid the logistical nightmare of setting up a matrix server, and instead choose xmpp. It’s been so fun and easy to get my family on my xmpp server using Conversations/blabber app. Resource usage is minimal, and it works very easily.

Very good break-down.

Besides the meta-data leaking, I would always use xmpp Conversations app over anything else. I don’t find it too outdated UI wise, but I’m no expert in this area. It does feel intuitive - somewhat like watsapp. But the blabber fork does a sligthly better job in UI

Video, voice , files - all e2e ecrypted now on conversations (xmpp) using OMEO

Works well

Conversations is indeed a far better alternative here…

  • It uses a very popular protocol, xmpp
  • works with e2e encryption for text, files, video, audio,
  • it can be self hosted,
  • it’s fully open source, and has a couple of popular forks (like blabber)
  • devs got no funding from intelligence agencies (like matrix has)
  • it’s highly efficient (unlike matrix) and runs on the cheapest of vps servers / raspberry pi

Tried audius. Looks alright. Price/token wise, it’s clearly over-hyped and over-priced.

That said, I love finding new web3 alternatives to those apps of yester-year…

Soundcloud - Audius
Google search - Presearch
Dropbox - IPFS/filecoin
Youtube - Lbry/Odysee or Dtube
… the list goes on

Presearch is what I’m using. Web3 search engine.


Just setup a self hosted server. My family are now all chatting on it. Works great and simple to use.

Matrix is an overhead mess, from what people have advised me. Avoid.

Mainstream media, attacking innovators. Character assasination is what they do best.

Brave is a step forward. I have my thoughts on the founder. Tho those are separate from the products long term viability & potential.

Mozilla now is trying to sabotage web3 decentralized identy. Google is now massively censoring information, and discussion. We can’t trust the old browser duopoly to act in our best interests.

Checked out Mojeek: no tracking, their own crawling algo & spiders --> awesome! BUT the Mojeek user base is tiny right now. I tried long tail searching on Mojeek … it highly underperforms in quality compared to G search.

Have you tried Presearch ? Pretty cool & private alternative to G.

Wow. I was not aware of this. I thought they always inform when they take blocking action.

How so ? I’m genuinely curious. AFAIK mastodon targets a different niche than FB. Namely it aims to offer a better alternative to twitter.