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I had hoped the linux community was alot more mature then that but sadly not, I’m honestly pretty disappointed

tox isnt close to being new its been around for years

the devs are also kicking everyone in the techlore rooms out of their rooms because according to one of the main devs henry has been getting his community to raid graphene and other dumb shit.

yet I’ve never seen any of that from being in techlore rooms for probably a year? I’ve seen tons of people recommend graphene if people come in asking for a rom recommendation for their pixel phones.

its very very childish and the graphene dev has also threatened to sue techlore for it as well 🤦🤦

how the fuck is reverse engineered code easier to read then the source code?? that makes no sense what so ever

theres more ways to setup autostart on windows in the syncthing docs

I remember seeing someone say they started work on one or something, I cant remember where exactly I saw that tho

dendrite or conduit are alot lighter to run compared to synapse so if you have a pi4 with at least 2GB of ram maybe even 1GB if you join small rooms they will probably be fine

those people didnt goto gab or parler because they got banned off facebook only because they either got banned of twitter or because trump got banned from there