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And you want to ban people just because they have a different opinion. To me that sounds much more dangerous.

If its baseless then why does everyone make such a big deal of it? Just ignore the community and move on.

Yhe purpose of rules and moderation is that everyone behaves well, eithoit personal insults etc. Not to decide what is true or false (thats what discussions are for).

If its really misinformation like you say, it should be no problem to debunk it with actual arguments. And if you dont like the community, you can personally block it.

Looks similar to Quake, very interesting! But based on the videos, it seems to be very early in development (placeholder textures everywhere).

Broccoli. Anything green really.

Someone reported this for “gore”, would be good if you could put an explicit warning.

Cryptocurrency trading is like a speedrun of stock market trading.

But thats not how it works for a company that stores terrabytes of CCTV footage on Amazon S3. Either they pay for more and more storage over time (and it gets very expensive with video), or they pay a constant amount, and get a constant amount of storage. Which means they have to delete old files. Amazon certainly wont store anything at that scale for free.

I never said anything about public ATM footage in Telegram

You claimed that banks never delete CCTV recordings from ATMs. So I really dont understand what you are arguing for or against.

If you dislike a user, or dislike what he writes, you can simply block him from your account. Site bans are for people who violate the rules, and I dont think thats the case here. If it is, you should report the specific posts/comments which violate the rules.

Problem is that someone needs to maintain that list.

Storing metadata is really cheap because its small. But no one keeps raw security footage around any longer than necessary, because high quality video takes a lot of space.

How do you detect URL shorteners? Simply by checking for a redirect using curl, or do you check against a list of urls? Domain review would be a lot of work to implement, i hope we can avoid that.

Iirc thats chapo.chat dropping out because they disabled the statistics endpoint at some time. Also i believe that lemmy.ml was counted twice for a time, when it was renamed from dev.lemmy.ml and redirected to the new domain.

Or maybe they suspect that its really just a figurative panda.

Bans arent federated yet, so an admin on instance A might ban a user + remove his posts, but other instance wont know about it. This will need a bit more time to implement, and should improve the spam situation a lot.

It can be useful as a word seperator. If its a copy, instance admins can remove it if necessary. Also, it seems inconsistent to allow _ in community names, but not in usernames (if thats what you’re suggesting).

Common Elements of Fascism

The term fascism gets thrown around a lot, as if it were simply a synonym for “right-wing extremism”, “political violence”, or “antisemitism”. So it seems useful to look at an actual definition. This one was written by Umberto Eco, who analyzed the development of the first fascist movement, under Be…

Signups for weblate.yerbamate.ml are working again

The domain was included in a spam list, which meant that confirmation emails couldnt be delivered, and signup was impossible. Now the problem is fixed, so if you would like to translate Lemmy into your language, register an account and get started. …

Do we really need self upvotes in Lemmy?

I never really thought about the automatic self upvote on Reddit and Lemmy. But after reading this article Dont let me like my own post, i’m wondering if we should just get rid of it. Its not really adding anything, or does it? Plus removing it would slightly si…


A “Lemmy federation map”, showing linked, allowed and blocked instances. …

Promoting Lemmy

I think most of us agree that the main problem which Lemmy has today is its lack of users. This is not for technical reasons, as we know it is quite stable and usable. The main cause is that the project is not widely known yet. In this post I will propose what we can do to change that. …

What is lemmy.ml?

Recently there seems to be some of misunderstanding what the lemmy.ml instance is about, especially from newer users. …

PSA: Sharing lemmy.ml links on sites where they are blocked

Some websites block lemmy.ml links, for example Facebook as you can see in the screenshot below. …

Chinese University launches Summer of Open Source Promotion Plan (similar to Google Summer of Code)

I understand that this is similar to Google Summer of Code, and it seems like people from all countries can participate…