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really don’t like when people romanticize poverty but if I had to guess why people say that poorer countries feel more authentic it’s just due to the fact that it’s different to what they’re accustomed to and this could be replicated by just going to the poorer areas in their own country

individuals should be free to engage in any activity they see fit with the state’s only legitimate role to protect the life, liberty and property of it’s citizens, any force therefore that is not in retaliation to the use of force by another person no matter if the intention is to create a just society based on one’s ideals is immoral

yeah so once you believe force at any kind is justified to force your ideals on society you’re not a libertarian of any kind as for your op yes this is community is for the discussion of freeing oneself from any abuse no matter the source

What do you think about private property?

Do you think everyone should be forced into whatever your preferred property rights regime is ?

What do you think about a market economy ?

Do you think libre software licences should force individuals to keep derivatives open source or that they should be free to use it however they see fit including in proprietary software?

Do you believe that it’s ethical to force your ideals on society based on the premise that the outcome would be beneficial to all?

I get that and I’m saying it’s available to use rn for you to dissect and I feel like if you have such strong opinions about it the very least you could do is put your money where you mouth is and test out the network and outline all it’s flaws so the community can reason about it instead of going hurr durr it’s bad I hate it

They make extremely strong claims, and strong claims require strong proof. I do not see such proof anywhere. What I see is that they play fast and loose with website visitor privacy and seem to focus mainly on token hyping.

All the claims against tor and i2p are discussed in numerous academic papers and are acknowledged by the developers themselves not sure about the other projects putting that aside the network is in production rn so you could always test it and do a full writeup on all the flaws for everyone to see and discuss.Telling persons why they’ve decided to use tokens and not rely on pure altruism is not token hyping.

This is “privacy for the rich” model. Unsurprisingly: poor people can’t push the token to the moon! And looking at their website it is clear they focus more on hyping the token than on actual privacy.

Tokens will be used to reward those who put stake into the Nym ecosystem by providing services, such as operating a mix- node or validators for the Nym blockchain. Users discover service providers and attributes a service provider needs. Users may pay service providers outside of Nym directly. Alternatively, users may pay the mixnet fees directly or services may pay for or stake NYM tokens on behalf of a pool of users in order to provide services without cost to users.

It’s fascinating how they talk down Tor (“because Tor does not add timing obfuscation or cover traffic to obscure the traffic patterns in circuits”), but fail to mention i2p which solves these issues without the need for bollockschain tokens. Makes sense — Nym seems to basically be i2p with a blockchain token bolted onto it so that it can become an investment vehicle.So either they did not know about i2p, an important and reasonably well known project which has been around for almost 20 years and is very clearly in the same problem space, or they intentionally decided not to mention it because it would make them look bad. Take your pick: are they ignorant, or disingenuous? Either is a great trait for a project that aims at protecting privacy from the NSA, no less.

I2P (‘Invisible Internet Project’) replaces Tor’s directory authority with a distributed hash table for routing. How to design a secure and private distributed hash table is still an open research question, and I2P is open to a number of attacks that isolate, misdirect, or deanonymize users. Like Tor, I2P is based on ‘security by obscurity’, where it is assumed that no adversary can watch the entire network. While security by obscurity may have been cutting-edge at the turn of the millennium, such an approach is rapidly showing its age.Nym’s cutting-edge mixnet design guarantees network anonymity and resistance to surveillance even in the face of powerful deanonymizing attacks. Unlike I2P, Nym adds decoy traffic and timing obfuscation. Rather than a centralized directory authority or distributed hash table, Nym uses blockchain technology and economic incentives to decentralize its network.The Nym mixnet can anonymize metadata even against government agencies or private companies who can monitor network links and observe the incoming and outgoing traffic of all clients and servers. Source: https://get3xnymtech.net/docs/stable/overview/index.html. Full in depth blog post comparing it against tor,vpns , i2p and other solutions in the space

Can you at least read their whitepaper and make a fully informed decision instead of hoping for their downfall

any tax can be abused so there’s no tax that is substantially worse than the others

it’s a playlist of videos about self hosting

Please do go somewhere without police and report back to me.

Please don’t be an idiot and look at all the places in the world where they have/had no police and tell me if any of those places look pleasant to you.So you have a problem with police being too trigger happy the obvious solution is give the police more training, put proper accountability measures in place and take further disciplinary action if necessary not to have a kneejerk reaction and stereotype all police as bad and useless.

Liberal immigration laws

Liberal drug laws

Privatising social security

Getting rid of the national media regulator

I hate ayn rand as much as I hate marx they’re both the definition of Dunning Krueger to me. I find most of the communists annoying like if you’re one that realises that all countries calling themselves that aren’t communist at all and are just oppressive regimes then I think you’re ok even if i still think you’re stupid to think a real communist society can exist same with anarchists we both agree that governments are the greatest source of oppression mankind has ever known but we disagree over property rights and I think a few other things as well

No I wouldn’t be okay with paying high taxes I don’t think the government should take any more of my pay than is necessary to provide roads, police, courts , firemen and workfare. Taking of your health is your personal responsibility you should bear the consequences of any decisions you make regarding your body if you wilfully choose to neglect your body then society shouldn’t be forced to shoulder the cost with one exception that being if you’re having a rough time through no fault of your own I believe some state care should be provided. The government is not your personal caretaker it should provide an environment where everyone is provided with the tools that is needed to provide for themselves but it shouldn’t provide everything for you.