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It’s about time, attackers can extract quite a bit of data about the local network via the browser. It’s pretty easy to identify appliances and home routers given someone stays on a site long enough.

It is not really a rant rather than a Benchmark Review

Ah, I must have overlooked that because the benchmark only makes up a small part of the text and because of the title.

Imagine spending your time writing online rants about how terrible FOSS is instead of helping to improve it. Idk where this entitlement comes from.

there are cameras within the bank + the ATM itself has a cam

The footage is gone within days, but I’m pretty sure they have to log the serial numbers in connection with your bank account when you make a withdrawal :/

Afaik HarmonyOS is mostly the name for some userland. It can run on different kernels but uses Linux for more advanced chips like in phones. (Which also allows it to run android apps)

It always took ages to start on my phone, which really sucks for a note taking app. Now I use the nextcloud notes app, which also takes a bit to start, but not nearly as long.

nor does avoidance of Javascript really have anything to do with Tor.

Tor browser uses LTS firefox, is sometimes late with updates for bugs that don’t seem critical and is mostly the same on every (OS, platform) pair. Disabling javascript makes successfully exploiting any existing bugs many magnitudes harder. (which is already quite hard tbh)

Molly has a feature, which prevents screenshots.

Again, if you can see it on the screen it’s possible to steal it. (How easy it is depends on the driver)

Molly (or any app) won’t help you if your phone is compromised, unless you set a pin to lock your messages and never unlock it after being compromised. (which is unlikely)

Are you fascinated when someone using linux writes something positive about Windows? no? because it NEVER happens.

I wonder why :D

Get away from Microsoft? Nope - Proton can never do that, these games still use and depend on DirectX, and if Microsoft wanted to be dicks, they could shut down Proton in a day. Just as they considered with Wine itself years ago, which they still could.

Google vs Oracle?!

Multiple German states failed to upend Windows Os

Umh what? Munich (a single city, not a state) used linux for some time (allegedly) pretty successfully, they switched back to windows because of corruption and microsoft moving their german headquarters to munich.

But you can view the messages on your phone, so they are decrypted at some point. Then an attacker can steal the key and read them whenever they want. Or they just take screenshots when you use the app if they are lazy.

mobile payments are HUGE in Asia and is probably coming to the US too.

But there is no need to have it in the messenger. That just sounds like a stupid idea: make your payment system connected to the internet, addressable by name and make it parse and load all kinds of media. Mobile OS have per-app sandboxing so why not take advantage of it?

anticheat […] needs to work

Anticheat is like DRM, it can’t work by design if you own the machine it runs on. It’s just wastes power for nothing, why should anyone spend the effort to get it running?

You spend hours looking for a way to make the game run when on Windows all you’d need to do is hit “play”;

Is this a Linux bug or a shortcoming of the publisher?

Do you need DDoS protection? If not don’t get it, most providers are quite shady and most attacks (anecdotal) aren’t super high volume or especially advanced. If your income doesn’t depend on availability you can even just ignore attacks until they find something else to do. I only have experience with european and especially german hosters, idk if that helps depending on where you are from, you might want to find something more local.

OVH VPS seem pretty expensive¹, but I haven’t heard anything especially bad about them. No idea about alphaVPS.

¹ They are probably virtualized, which would make the prize better but not good

So what you’re saying isvthat you have no evidence to support your claim‽

Is this a good place to start learning Linux at a finer level?

Sure but take it with a grain of salt, it’s from 2009. (Disclaimer: I didn’t read the whole thing, but patterns probably haven’t changed completely since then) Kernel.org has documentation, that should be the go-to. Try to setup a test-environment with minimal kernel, read the source code where it interests you and hack around a bit.

Is a CS degree kind of required for that kind of thing?

No, just knowledge of C, operating systems and a bit of how your hardware works, or the desire to learn all of those. I know people with CS degrees that have no clue, I know people without a degree that submit patches. But it probably won’t hurt, unless you get some bullshit business-focused degree.