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Most open-source and small software projects are somewhat political. That is because people need a reason to leave the big companies, for many it is leftism, privacy concerns or a search for more personal freedom. Rightwingers end up here as well, but many also go to their own toxic silos, because they have different end goals.

If two parties each have something the other wants, and they agree to the transaction, where is the exploitation?


oooh that site is so cool, didn’t know about it

You can look at feddit.de and copy a local sub and paste it into the search on lemmy.ml and then it will show up there and you can follow as well

That’s how the federation works :) You can have your account on one server but follow other sublemmies that your server is connected to!

I think Ubuntu is a good start. If it runs smooth. The flashy look is impressive for newcomers I think.

This is the solution. Also use a distro that doesn’t need 3gb updates every week. Those tend to be annoying for casual users.

I think it could be opportunity, but atm, with all the apps etc coming from corporations with venture capital they are just exploitation and with uber etc it’s very obvious.

But a coop rideshare or something like that with an app could be an opportunity I believe, in theory.

Crypto one way or another is the future, no matter if people like it or not.


First time I tried it with wapo or nyt it said something like this page is blocked.

This is so interesting since I never thought of reddit as some kind of hacker website with open-source code and good standards. For me it has always been a big corporate social media site. Maybe this is because I joined pretty late.


Today there was a huge amount of activity, apart from the spam, I really liked it. …

Also I feel like judging others isn’t very helpful and often says more about the person judging than the person being judged.

Not really, because I too like being glued to screens.

I think ads are the worst part of the web. Also of TV, but I can live without TV

They’re just short staffed though…

discoverability of sublemmies on other servers

I find it tedious to figure out what cool sublemmies on lemmy.ml I could be missing. …

feddit.de and lemmy.ml federation problems

if I sort posts by ‘New’ on feddit.de and lemmy.ml I see that a lot of posts don’t federate to feddit.de. Some posts I understand don’t reach us because nobody follows the sublemmy, but this seems to happen to ~50% of posts with sublemmies that I follow as well. …