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I think it’s normal to miss people that once were in your life. Shouldn’t be missed every day, but on a sad day I can get quite some nostalgia as well.

I get the feeling that it’s working pretty well

Naja, wenn dafuer das Wissen gestorben ist, wie in einer Enzyklopaedie nachgeschaut wird, dann ists wohl ein fairer Tausch.

Glaubt ihr, dass die stattdessen andere Kompetenzen haben?

I have to disagree from personal experience. There has only once in my life been a mailing list that it was useful to have been subscribed to, it was by a friend group. Every other mailing list that I was ever part of was a waste of time.

You should reaaaaally get an SSD, you would probably save power as well, because it’s not as active. Also it would be 397598374x faster ^^

Wow that is so great to hear! It’s a wonderful computer. You are running linux on it I guess? Does it have an SSD?

How to enable the new privacy feature

The new Query Parameter Stripping feature is part of Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection.

To enable Query Parameter Stripping, go into the Firefox Settings, click on Privacy & Security, and then change ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’ to ‘Strict.’

Such a cool feature, I wish it was enabled by default.

Nuclear power gets all the subsidies...
>Cao et al. also correctly state that renewable sources of energy in Germany have been heavily subsidized. However, **Germany has devoted subsidies to the nuclear industry that more than double those allotted to all renewables put together (3)**.** The United States has provided the nuclear industry with at least 10 times the subsidies devoted to renewables (4)**. Despite these investments, renewables costs are falling fairly quickly, whereas nuclear costs continue to rise (5–7). In India and China, despite late starts on development, electricity production from wind has overtaken nuclear (8). In restructured markets that allow consumers to choose from a variety of energy options, renewables have been shown to be cheaper than nuclear power (9).

Depends on what else you’re wearing. Maybe you can open the top button so they’ll wear a bit lower? But if that’s visible in the open that might not be a good idea 😄

me salivating reading through the comments

I seem to like all fruit.

First they force everyone on a microshit account, then ban you from your own server for drinking a beer... GODDAMNIT EVERYTHING MICROSOFT TOUCHES TURNS TO SHIT.

First they force everyone on a microshit account, then ban you from your own server for drinking a beer... GODDAMNIT EVERYTHING MICROSOFT TOUCHES TURNS TO SHIT.

They will be freed from the eternal greed that will always cloud the judgement of big corporations. I don't even think there's a lot wrong with this advertising, but there is a lot wrong with having this advertising while not allowing content creators more leeway.

life tip: knowing how to stitch stuff will be useful for the rest of your life
you will always have that favorite piece of clothing or like a backpack that needs repair etc. It's not even hard and looks better than before in almost all cases imo, even if you're not skilled.

looking for a fast multi process shared dict
I have lots of multiprocessing processes which have to add to and search in a dict. Deletion of values is not needed. Atm I am using multiprocessing.Manager() and `dict = manager.dict()` This works pretty well, but I think that the manager is a huge bottleneck here. Any ideas? It has to run on older Python 3 versions, otherwise I would use this cool thing I found: https://github.com/ronny-rentner/UltraDict

Tankrabatt: Robert Habeck will Gewinne von Mineralölkonzernen abschöpfen
>Als Reaktion auf den verpuffenden Tankrabatt plant der Bundeswirtschaftsminister eine Verschärfung des Kartellrechts. Mineralölkonzerne sollen zur Not zerschlagen werden. Ich finds unbefriedigend, so viel Energie aufzuwenden um denen temporäre Gewinne abzunehmen. Lieber eine nachhaltige Abgabe, die auch in 5 Jahren noch eine Wirkung hat.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier: Bundespräsident fordert Pflichtdienst für alle jungen Menschen
> Eine soziale Pflichtzeit könne Demokratie und Zusammenhalt stärken, meint Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Die Wehrpflicht solle aber nicht zurückkehren. Ich fordere dasselbe, aber für alte Menschen! Das stärkt dann den Zusammenhalt und natürlich die Demokratie!

Spannende Kolumne, auch wenn ich anderer Meinung bin an einigen Stellen.

Deutsche Bahn erhöht Preise für Sitzplatzreservierungen und Fahrradmitnahme
>Teurer wird es aber eben auch bei der Fahrradmitnahme in den Fernverkehrszügen der Deutschen Bahn. Dort kostet die Fahrradmitnahme künftig 9 Euro statt wie bisher 8 Euro. Dabei wird auch nicht mehr zwischen einer internationalen oder einer nationalen Fahrt unterschieden, sondern beide Angebote haben nun den selben Preis. Außerdem gibt es künftig keinen Rabatt mit einer BahnCard 25 oder einer BahnCard 50 auf die Fahrradmitnahme mehr, sodass auch mit einer BahnCard der reguläre Preis gezahlt werden muss. Die Leute sollen ja schliesslich ein Auto nehmen fuer sowas.