Success is for capitalists, so everytime I fail is basically praxis.

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Ah, I see your point now. I still think it’d sell the wrong idea since it just causes centralization, which is a problem that platforms already deal with, but now I see its potential usefulness as well

But this isn’t the case with “usual” social media stuff either, why should it be the case with the fediverse?

Also just like, they are decentralized. You can’t tell dozens upon dozens of different people to “hey, make ur instance’s design follow these arbitrary rules thanks”

I have a thing for magical realism and surrealism. When I write, I try to build on top of ideas that already exist, like a common metaphor for the topics I want to deal with, usually twisting it and making it feel like experiencing a dream

I don’t know where this approach is on the “based on existing work” to “make it up” spectrum, tho

A Hexagonal Slab Of Wood is a book written by fictional Baishu player Raokji Cîang, in which he talks about how he came to know the game of Baishu after escaping from his town in Hrastaiqua, and how he came to see the magic in it while learning strategies to make the game interesting, and then to wi…

My sweet ride~

Is there a way to input dozenal numbers? It can output them but i cant seem to input them

Ten is also divisible by 2

In base ten, you can tell when a number is divisible by 2, 5 and ten by looking only at the last number (if it ends on 2, 4, 6, 8, 0 its divisible by 2; if it ends on 5 or 0 its divisible by 5, if it ends on 0 its divisible by ten)

In dozenal, you can do this with 2,3,4,6 and twelve

A community for people who enjoy using base twelve and prefer it over base ten…

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I have found that creativity is a skill that I have to train myself to be consistent at. When I have a writer’s block, I just write anyways, even if it’s bad and extremely unoriginal, it kinda tells my brain “yo. pst. hey. bud. we kinda need this skill all the time. what the fuck are you doing bruh.” and makes blocks less common for me

Idk if it’d be the same for you, though

Ampersandia - My worldbuilding, conlanging, etc

Ampersandia is a magical realism world full of metaphors for things, mostly about my personal life, but adapted to hopefully be interpretable on a grater scale. It is also what my website is named after. In it I document-ish all of my worldbuilding and conlanging…

Yeah. It’s not about what could happen, but what feels like it could happen. Extreme accuracy is good for some stories, but not most of them. Real life is boring as fucking hell, that’s the whole point of fiction