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That’s what I see when I open up the federated timeline on two different Mastodon instances and snapshot the top page or so of content. (Well, without the glitch in the screen capture, obviously.) Notably absent:

  • hentai
  • porn
  • bots (I think, maybe there was some bot stuff in Japanese there)
  • random news articles
  • pictures of cats, rabbits, etc.

Even had there been:

  • content settings and blocks work for the first two
  • bots are easy to spot and block too
  • I actually like random news articles so …
  • pictures can be scrolled over easily or settings can be adjusted so you can’t even see them

In short, the only useless thing I’m seeing is the whining about the global feed.

Let me see if I understand this.

YOU don’t like the public timeline, ergo EVERYBODY ELSE should not have access to it.

Am I reading that right, or am I tripping really hard?

I don’t like posts about C++. Hateful language. Ergo nobody else should be permitted to read them. Q.E.D.

Just to amplify this: the fediverse is not the cure-all its louder proponents seem to claim.

And again, just to remind people, I don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts and I do have accounts on Mastodon, Lemmy, Pixelfed, and others. I’m a committed user, just not an ideologue.

If goes down, the fact that is still running is not a solution for me. I don’t have an account there. If goes down, the fact that … say … is still running is meaningless. My identity is on

If the very identity could be somehow federated, this would be a different story, naturally.

There’s a certain irony to a page that’s accusing DDG of being “a privacy abuser in disguise” whose site causes this:

I’m not actually clear on how Lemmy fits into the Fediverse, to be honest. (This may be a problem in documentation.)

Ich bin Moderator einer Mastodon Instanz, die von einem Verein betrieben wird, ich bin also Angestellter und Besitzer dieser Instanz. Bei diesem Beitrag geht es ja nicht um die lokale Moderation einer Fediverse Instanz, sondern um die Verbindungen zischen diesen Instanzen. Für die würde ich mir persönlich etwas mehr Demokratie wünschen.

So when you’re willing to pay money to the other Fediverse instance owner/operators for their time (or for the salary of someone they hire) to do things your way, drop them a line. Until then, worry about your instance and leave the rest to worry about theirs. If the users of an instance don’t like the moderation policies of that instance, it is generally easy to move to another instance.

I think the real problem you have is that other people are making choices differently than the choices you want them to make, which kind of means you’re not grokking the entire point of federation. The point of federation isn’t “everything identical except the URL” it’s “everybody joins (or sets up and runs) the instance that does things the way they want them done”. Which means, yes, that some will do things in a way you personally don’t approve of.

And that is fine.

Are you paying for my time as a (hypothetical) instance admin? No?

Then please don’t tell me how to spend it.

Some people may enjoy the process of moderating down to fractally infinite depths. Others do not and will use the coarsest settings that minimize their work load. The Fediverse should encompass both kinds.

If you as a user don’t want a moderator who bans entire instances for incompatible rules, find an instance with a moderation/enforcement policy you agree with and move on.

(Or start paying your instance admin a salary to administer the way you want it.)

Yes. Those 2.2 million people out of 4.2 billion they’re not currently engaging with must be really eating at them! They’re probably tossing and turning at night that literally 1/2000th or so of their as yet unsubscribed populace can’t be dug out yet.


The fediverse needs to get over itself. It is not a major player yet. It isn’t even a minor player yet. It barely qualifies as the fringe of a fringe player.

And, note, I say this as a user of four fediverse services (and not a user of Facebook nor Twitter)!

Most people on Facebook aren’t being censored and a lot of the people (not all, obviously) being censored are not exactly the kind who are going to be missed.

You know, the kind that go to Gab or Parler instead.

Facebook: 2.8 billion users. Mastodon: 2.2 million users.

Yeah, Facebook is quaking in their boots at the upstart that’s three orders of magnitude smaller.

(I say this, incidentally, as someone who’s deleted his Facebook account and uses Mastodon…)

In the spirit of friendly feedback, I’d like to address the information design of both this announcement and that site. What I’d like to draw attention to most is “Work Adventure”.

Nothing in this announcement explains what “Work Adventure” is. Which is fair enough since it’s a link to a site. So the answer is surely a click away.

. . .

Spoiler warning!

. . .

It isn’t.

. . .

There’s nothing on that site that points to any information about what the site is for. It assumes you already know what “Work Adventure” is and thus would understand why federating it is a Good Thing. Now we’re adding another step to even finding out if the project is remotely of interest or not.

If you are responsible for the site, you might want to add a blurb explaining what it is, or link to something that already does this.

I’m not sure I understand your claim. You say that hobbies rarely have politics present?

My mother is an avid quilter. She stopped getting involved with quilter GROUPS however precisely because they’re so incredibly toxic they make Twitter look like a civil tea party with the Queen of England.

Any time you have more than two people in a group you have politics. And the lower the stakes, the more often knives get pulled out and stuck in other peoples’ backs.

I sometimes scan them for things that might be interesting enough to subscribe to. That’s about it.

I just created a community for the Logtalk programming language. Drop on by if you’re a user, want to be a user, or just think this sounds interesting…