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Some threads from this account give decent insight into what we are finding about this kid. https://twitter.com/drposhlost

Long story short he’s like the poster child of “FBI groomed or just absolutely nutty parents raising an attention seeker?” He is literally known to authorities, has been posting this crazy shit online for years and just overall someone they would be able to intercept if they were actually trying to stop shootings… He literally left a trail of evidence a la zodiac killer/joker.

I don’t have the answer, I just want to comment that the drug dealer dynamic of “this is my corner to sell drugs on” explains so much about capitalism.

The boardroom equivalent is “marketshare” lmao.

Holy shit, I had no idea. This is such an underrepresented facet of history.

This is the same shit they try to pull about Lenin’s “fleet of cars”. Socialism does not mean poverty, these are leaders of massive industrialized nations. Fuckwits.

The suicide is related to that historic incident involving the Zealots.

But the general fact that the characters are ethno-supremacist and their symbol of a star of david merged with a swastika is definitely a reference to Zionism. This documentary on the film is where I learned that it was a deliberate critique of zionism.

FBI internal memo about anarchists - just watch your ass.

To make my point clear - ML organizations are not social clubs, and this is not a game. Infiltration is extremely prevalent. The assets at the disposal of those whose life goal is to prevent our success are VAST and outside the law. (Not trying to be negative, but the other comments already address the ideological questions quite well)

The political gridlock on cultural issues (almost entirely manufactured imo) is the best state of affairs for the economic pillaging by the corporate class.

Agreed. The Common Law system is probably the most oligarchic/aristocratic institution of the Anglo world that no one seems to acknowledge. (Creating law by precedent). I was trained as a lawyer and the answer no matter what the question is “it depends”.

Yeah people don’t realize that the only reason life was ever good for the common people of the US was because of literally millions of people protesting, organizing and agitating in the late 19th early 20th century.

Edit: In fact, it is worth noting that the early settlers wanted to very deliberately organize a feudal system - the laws being discretionary is more or less feudal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fundamental_Constitutions_of_Carolina

Also, judges are almost all reactionary, clandestine (corrupt) pieces of shit with enormous conflicts of interest and are to be frank often not very bright and very opinionated (not objective).

A lot of what makes a “good” lawyer in the common law world is being connected to the judge. (can’t speak to the civil law world). Getting the right judge is 90% of winning a case.

Yes. The Supreme court is supreme. Congress can pass statutes which contradict the supreme court rulings, but the supreme court could rule against the statute but that would take years typically. It is all quite complicated though and I am not an expert on constitutional law. It’s all pretty much rigged to permit the outcome desired by the ruling class.

What congress can do that I don’t believe the supreme court can circumvent is to amend the constitution.

Definitely. There are absolutely more sophisticated versions of this kind of thing. It’s the same way with vote boosting. Self-employed influencers can spend 500 bucks for 80 thousand upvotes/view/likes or whatever but the big boys have a contract with palantir which is far more sophisticated.

That is not even a given anyway. If the theocrats have their way we are about 2 years away from abortion being illegal in blue states as well. Freaking morons.

feudal lords riding you down on horseback because you ate one of their apples.

that software is going to cause problems for sure.

So to this joker, a black person not just accepting that they get arrested and mistreated more is “histrionics”?

WTF is this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Histrionic_personality_disorder

Goddamn. Psychiatry is a fascist tool top to bottom isn’t it?

Also, they should read American and European history in greater detail.

What is he talking about wrt histrionics?

And like everything else, the Americans outsource 90% of their atrocities. (more like 50% actually)

Cults as the Trojan horse of American Empire
I came across this while reading an article about Scientology and the CIA. It was kind of not great otherwise and very reactionary but I still wanted to share this notion. The social engineering of the Anglo Empire, with religion as their key tool, should not be downplayed. The puritans, mormons, evangelicals, protestant missionaries, etc. The Anglos are experts of manipulating religion to engineer the reality they want. I actually view this as a key distinguishing factor between Catholic/Latin and protestant Europe, there is a sincerity within Catholicism that limits how much you can weaponize it (for the purpose of social engineering in a cult-like manner) that doesn't seem to exist in protestantism. Would love to hear other notions/viewpoints on this.

As the comments correctly point out, it seems increasingly likely that the nations which will fall in the western orbit are... the west.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwJDs1cg9Eo Just remember this when liberals tell people "Just vote!" Also, Yale was founded with the blood money from the Chinese opium trade.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” intelligence chief William Casey to President Reagan.
I personally believe that leaning on American brainwashing is a cop out, but when the flow of information and culture is so monopolized/controlled it is relevant to know this was a priority of the intelligence community.

I am really impatient to hear the rest of the interviews Ben does with Aaron. I will definitely be buying this book as well.