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Finished reading Caitlin Doughty’s From Here To Eternity recently. It was fantastic.

Frost is good for Facebook, but it’s because it’s technically a browser IIRC.

A fixed fork of Barinsta? (Or an alternative?)
I adore Barinsta, but lately when I've used it, I get rate limited and have to change my password and all that jazz. I've had to uninstall it because of this. I hate Instagram, but everyone (friends and artists) use it, and I want to keep up with them. Has anyone made a fork of it yet without the rate limiting issue, or is that beyond control? Additionally, are there any good alternatives to it? I'd prefer one where I can login, since I have friends I want to interact with, but if the rate limiting thing impacts all apps that have login, I guess I can use one without login.

Reminds me of how I tried to use a mood app called DailyBean to track my moods, but it was pretty much “pay us to do literally anything”, so I dropped it. I wonder how secure/private it was…

That explains a lot. It certainly seems to be completely built in, unless I’m not looking well enough, but I’ve picked apart every tutorial I can find to no avail.

If anyone knows a Cinnamon distro like mentioned, I’d be EXTREMELY grateful.

Unsure of how to disable RST.
Running Windows 10 on an HP Pavilion Desktop 590-p0xxx. I'm trying to switch to Mint (specifically Cinnamon), and all is working well; I've got the flash drive and everything, and can boot into it, but I can't install it. It says I need to disable RST first. Simple enough, it seemed. I looked it up and people said it could be done from the UEFI menu, so I checked there, and there was no sign of any options to disable RST. I'm not very tech savvy, so needless to say, my head was spinning when I looked up answers and found out there's a bunch of stuff involving BIOS and SATA and stuff (there's no option to do the AHCI stuff in BIOS that I read about, either) and I'm really stressed. I was so sure this would be a lot easier. (I'd been informed it would be, too.) What's going on? Why can't I disable RST? Why are there so many complicated steps to be able to disable it? Sorry if this is stupid, I was just really excited to finally switch to Mint, and now I'm overwhelmed with a bunch of stuff I don't understand, nor can I find the solutions to that I'm told should be there. TL;DR I'm not tech savvy and I went into this with instructions that it would be easier.

It literally requires me to tweak a Windows setting right now.

Thank you! I got that dealt with!

…Now there’s the issue of it asking me to disable RST, which I seem to be unable to do without a bunch of complex stuff about BIOS and SATA and AHCI. My head is spinning. I didn’t expect this; I was told it’d be easier.

No option to boot Linux
I'm making the switch from Windows 10 to Linux (specifically Mint/Cinnamon) and using [this tutorial](https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/how-to-make-the-switch-from-windows-to-linux) to do so. It's going swimmingly, but when I reboot my PC... it's just the normal Windows login screen. I turned off fast startup, as I read it could cause this issue, but no dice. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Is there a step I need to take? The USB flash drive is all set up; do I need to do anything in it first before rebooting?

Here's another example of a glitch photo. https://files.catbox.moe/tz8nuy.png Does anybody know what's causing this?

I’d assume it’s due to the rise in internet guides, as well as in-game tutorials, but I could be wrong.

Read that XMPP had a smaller carbon footprint than Matrix, that’s all.

You lost me at Tumblr and Facebook. (The latter of which does not have “a good privacy model”.)

It lacks support for multiple accounts, which is one thing I favor Tusky over it for, but it has a nice, clean layout. It lacks some features from Tusky, but it certainly works.

I’ll have to try it asap; I’ve been recommended it on here once before, and just haven’t gotten around to it because of being temporarily bedridden.

I’m just not super tech savvy, so it’s a bit intimidating. I’ll look into it, though; I’m sick of Samsung’s default bloatware trash.

Just did: this is fantastic! Just wish I could remove my phone’s default e-mail app, but that’s unfortunately out of my hands, as is removing the Samsung Internet Browser. 🙃

The irony of Google and Apple pretending to care about privacy is astounding.

The only reason I haven’t left FB, Insta, or Twitter is because so many people cling to them; mainly, friends and family, as well as content creators. It’s unfortunate that I need them in order to stay in contact with important people because the people in question won’t leave.

What's your favorite XMPP Android client?
Just switched from using Matrix to XMPP (for several reasons). I'm using the Conversations app ATM, but was curious as to what apps you guys use/prefer as well! (I'm gonna miss Fluffychat, but ditching Matrix seems like the best move from what I've recently read.)

Sorry, I’ve switched to using XMPP instead of Matrix. Recently learned some things about the latter that made me switch.

The entirety of the fossil fuel industry?

I think the fediverse is on the way, way, way lower end of the spectrum as to what’s killing the environment. Compared to other things, it’s one of the least concerning.

Ahhh, that must be what people meant; the Microsoft thing.

Phone keeps changing my default browser.
I'm on a Galaxy S10 (not rooted) and using Mull as my browser. I have Samsung Internet disabled and all updates for it removed. However, my phone constantly changes my default browser from Mull back to Samsung Internet. I hate having to change it every 5 minutes (hyperbolic, but not by much) and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. (Also, as much as I'd love a rooted and de-Googled phone, this is my ONLY phone, and I rely on it for family contact and such and cannot afford to replace it. I'm not tech savvy enough to attempt rooting it and risk bricking it.)

Thoughts on the official Android app?
I like the interface, but I'm still sticking with Tusky for the time being, since I like the multiple account feature and the option to clear notifications. I look forward to seeing how this develops, though.

What's the difference between Matrix and Jabber?
I have a Matrix account, though unfortunately I'm completely alone on it as nobody will leave Discord. Is Jabber an alternative to either, or is it something different? Apologies for my ignorance.

Is it redundant to join Mastodon, Misskey, and Pleroma?
I'm admittedly quite an amateur and don't have the best understanding of the fediverse; I have a Mastodon account and a Misskey account, and was planning on making a Pleroma account as well. However, it seems like they're all connected; was it redundant to join Mastodon and Misskey? And in that case, should I not make a Pleroma? Or is there any benefit to having one of each?

Lightweight Twitter/YT clients?
The default Twitter and YouTube apps are doing a number on my phone battery. Are there any good clients for either that let you log in as well?

Battery drain despite deep sleeping apps?
I have as many apps set to deep sleeping as possible, and I've disabled as much bloatware as I can, but my battery still lasts barely a day. Any good way to fix this? Running a Samsung Galaxy S10.