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I’d sure want a PEEK … Anyways, thanks for posting this! Being able to see Paris in a different light, in a different era feels magical and somewhat unreal

while I appreciate your efforts of trying to improve lemmy, imo a format like this has the major advantage of being more focused than any classical chatroom will ever be, resembling more a bulletin board & providing a much needed alternative to the abundance of more or less chaotic group chats without any real structure, where it’s mostly the group name that sets the topic

probably not the largest demi-god sculpture in the world though

have you tried hiking/going for a walk? maybe go see your nearest body of water & stroll around there. another idea would be dogsitting

they don’t really have much of a choice if they want to steer clear of massive data breaches, while maintaining usability for a large userbase

yes cool, but would be even cooler if you could filter by topics